Samantha Everette

Exhibit Description
One of the most intimate yet universal experiences of Black women is the braiding of our hair. Our African and Indigenous ancestry endows hair with significance beyond physical beauty; our long flowing braids are a conduit for spiritual anointing, a symbol of tribe and belonging, and a method for intergenerational bonding. Inspired by her own experiences and by the Black women who make up her closest friends and family, Everette creates a scene that highlights their strength and beauty through the ritual of hair braiding.

A ritual experienced around the world, the women tightly encircle Zya — a deeply intimate expression of sisterhood and inter-generational connection. Dressed in white, reminiscent of those worn by Orisha and Houdoun priestesses throughout the Diaspora . As the braiders slowly, patiently create this elaborate east african braided style and Zya and the braids extend out in their splendor, she rises higher on a pedestal in strength and confidence. Taking hours or even days to complete, braiding is labor of love, patience, and artistic precision resulting in a breathtaking headdress. “Crowning Glory” tells the story of sisterhood, motherhood, community, collective care, triumph, and the complex elixir of beauty and spiritual mystique carried by Black women, atop our heads and within our beings.
Artist Biography
Samantha Everette is a lifelong artist, designer, world traveler and photographer. She is a Durham native and graduated Summa Cum Laude from North Carolina State with a BA in Industrial Design. After graduating Samantha spent ten years as a shoe designer. As a designer, Samantha spent half of the year living in China and traveling throughout Asia. Samantha was inspired to capture the world around her during these travels. This interest has since blossomed into a full on passion for photography.

The definition of Photography is “drawing with light” and Samantha Everette believes that the brightest light is the one that shines from within. Her mission is to help her subjects show their light to the world. It’s her dedication to making her subjects look their best while having fun that sets her apart. Samantha’s goal is for everyone that steps in front of her lens to leave a little brighter and more in love with their own light.

Samantha has a knack for finding everyday people and capturing something extraordinary within them. Her subjects range from travel, fashion, beauty to lifestyle. But one thing remains constant, and that is her dedication to celebrating Blackness.


Artist Name(s): Samantha Everette
Exhibit Name: Crowning Glory
Gallery Location: CAM Main Gallery
Current Status: Active