The Contemporary Art Museum School Docent Alumni Scholarship is in honor of Gab Smith, the Executive Director of CAM from 2013- 2020 and a champion of CAM’s education and community programs.  

The scholarship is to be awarded yearly to a graduating high school senior or current college student who is a former participant in the CAM Docent Program.  This scholarship may be used for any form of higher education (college, culinary studies, technical industries, etc.…). 

Known at CAM as the CAMpFIRE Fund, the “p” stands for provoke.  CAM provokes FIRE. Provoke means to call forth or challenge.  FIRE is the perfect greatness that burns in young people. 

This year’s scholarship is offered to any Class of 2024 high school senior or current college student who participated in CAM’s docent program. (Excludes previous Scholarship Recipients)

Supporting the CAMpFIRE fund passes the torch to the next generation.

Scholarship award will be announced in June. A one-time award of $500 will be distributed to two selected winners.

2025 scholarship information will be available January, 2025. Questions? Please contact

Meet the 2023 Recipients of the CAMpFIRE Scholarship Fund

Lea Kreacic

Broughton High School, Class of 2023

“People use the word disability too much; I think I have abilities that would surprise most people. Dorian Lynde’s Exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museum taught me to look at my differences not as a restriction but as a strength. I know not to focus on what I can’t do but to bravely maneuver around obstacles and prove that I am not a problem to be fixed but a dynamic, capable problem-solving achiever.” 

“I’m so glad the docent program at the Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) empowered me not to hold back and show the world my talents, not my limitations. I hope I inspire others to look past barriers and consider inclusion as the uniqueness that makes the journey through life better.”

Renn Guard

Cary Academy, Class of 2022

“As docents, we introduced new thoughts, shared our perspectives, and encouraged conversations with visitors who might have been experiencing something new for the first time as well. Presenting what we learned and practiced felt empowering and helped build my confidence in engaging with others I did not know. It was a point of connection.”

“CAM’s Middle School Docent program and Gab helped me see the beauty in a strong and inclusive community and find my voice in championing the communities around me. One of my biggest takeaways from the docent program was uplifting the community while utilizing and developing my leadership skills through art and creativity as the connector.”

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A Scholarship Fund for former CAM Docent Members on their way to College and Careers. The CAMpFIRE Fund is a designated endowment fund of the Contemporary Art Foundation at the North Carolina Community Foundation.

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