Lincoln Hancock

Exhibit Description
FLAG II, is a unique iteration of Lincoln Hancock’s 2016 site-specific light sculpture, FLAG. 

That artwork was a response to HB2 — the North Carolina legislature’s notorious and unjust “bathroom bill,” which, despite its colloquial name, went beyond public restroom access and further undercut antidiscrimination laws and limited local control over the minimum wage.

FLAG II’s eight-color rainbow conjures the 1978 pride flag designed by artist and activist Gilbert Baker, along with other San Francisco artists including tie-dyer Lynn Segerblom and seamster James McNamara.

FLAG II encompasses many elements of Hancock’s original work: playful at first glance, interactive by design, with a warm, inviting glow. Both works, however, were and are designed to implicate passersby into the larger conversation around identity and civil rights, namely those of the LGBTQ communities.
Artist Biography
Lincoln Hancock is an artist and designer based in Raleigh, NC. Through painting, installation, public and community-oriented projects, his work leverages strategies and approaches from art and design to explore notions of site and site-specificity that bridge into historical, social, and cultural realms.

His solo and collaborative projects have been seen in traditional and nontraditional venues including the NC Museum of Art, the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, and CAM Raleigh.

He is a 2022 recipient of the Raleigh Medal of Arts for Alluvial Decoder, his recent public project (with A Gang of Three, the team he co-founded) on the Raleigh greenway at Crabtree Creek. He has a background in Philosophy and a masters degree in Graphic Design.


Artist Name(s): Lincoln Hancock
Exhibit Name: FLAG II
Gallery Location: CAM Little Media Gallery
Current Status: Past