Brian Gonzales

Exhibit Description
In contemporary art we often demand that artists theorize their work in order to validate its place among human cultural achievement. We want to be reassured that there is a concrete, worthwhile motive and intellectual pursuit embedded in the artworks we see in galleries and museums. We want artwork made at the professional level to offer some discernible insight into the nature of the world we live in. However, the artworks I am making are the product of ideas and creative impulses that I am still trying to untangle and understand. My most recent projects are the results of ruminating over the universal struggle of trying to find logic and stability in a complex and chaotic world.
Artist Biography
Brian Gonzales is an American artist born in Santa Monica, California. He received his BFA from East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina and his MFA from the Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 2016 Brian moved to the United Arab Emirates where he spent 7 years teaching drawing and printmaking at the University of Sharjah, College of Fine Arts and Design. He has recently relocated to Durham, North Carolina where he is an assistant professor at NC Central University. In addition to being an artist and academic, Brian Gonzales is also an avid collector of fine art prints and printed ephemera with a personal collection of over 500 prints.


Artist Name(s): Brian Gonzales
Gallery Location: Front Window
Current Status: Past