Student Docent Program

The CAM Student Docent Program is a school program for grades five through eight designed to equip students with the necessary skills to discover and connect with contemporary art and design.  CAM Raleigh’s school docents attend a series of after-school sessions with the museum’s education coordinator.  Weekly/ monthly training sessions use an inquiry- based approach to teach students skills to decode and analyze works of art featured in the museum’s exhibits.  When training is complete, the young docents use the same approach to engage museum visitors in a conversation about the work on view.  

The MAIN GOALS of the Student Docent Program are to enable the young docents to develop the skills and confidence necessary to describe and interpret visual art; encourage students to think in new directions about contemporary art and its relationship to their own lives; and help them to build confidence in their own interpretation of the world around them.  Student Docent participants will complete a training process prior to interacting with the public during certain CAM events.  A school or group liaison is required to accompany students to their training and CAM events. 

To find out more about our program, please contact our Education Coordinator at