Student Docent Program

CAM Raleigh’s education programming is designed to equip 5th-8th
grade students with the language and tools needed to discover and
connect with contemporary art and design. CAM’s education
program includes an innovative public speaking component to help
build communication skills while strengthening confidence and self-
esteem. As poised conversationalists and public speakers,
students receive praise from artists, educators, and community
members. The program also focuses on critical thinking and
leadership. The CAM Raleigh Docent Program develops skills
necessary to describe and interpret visual art and encourages
students to think in new directions about contemporary art and their
own lives.

Program Goals and Objectives for Participating Students

  1. Develop observation and critical thinking skills.
  2. Learn and model positive facilitators behaviors (asking open-ended questions, active listening, body language, paraphrasing and linking ideas) throughout training and touring.
  3. Experience an increased comfort with museums and contemporary art and design.
  4. Experience art installations, meet CAM staff, exhibiting artists, and participate in hands-on activities to develop deeper understanding of the work on view.
  5. Learn the skills needed to decode and analyze art and gain public speaking skills to engage museum visitors in conversations about the exhibitions.
  6. Become confident and value their observations, insights and ideas as well as those of their peers.

Meetings are 6-8 week sessions during Fall and Spring Exhibitions. Participating students are expected to attend all meetings and events and will receive a CAM t-shirt, name badge, docent sketchbook as well as relative educational materials and supplies. Throughout the program, students collect information at meetings and participate in First Fridays and exhibition events. Cost: $100/session. Scholarships available.

CAM Docents are invited to apply for the CAMpFIRE Scholarship Fund which is offered to all former docents their senior year of high school. Information can be found at

Meetings: Wednesdays 4:30pm- 5:30pm at CAM Raleigh

To find out more about our program, please contact our Education Coordinator at