Workshop: Intro to Photography (Middle School)

By CAM Raleigh | August 25, 2012

Intro to Photography Workshop
with instructor Hal Meeks

An exploratory workshop targeting young photographers. Using commonplace digital cameras, students will learn the basics of picture taking, from operation of the camera to simple compositional ideas. This workshop is open to students in grades 6-8. 

Hal Meeks has a Master's in Art and Design from North Carolina State University, and currently teaches at NCSU. He has worked in the field of digital media for over 25 years.

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CAM Raleigh
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OMG Animated GIFs!

By CAM Raleigh | February 1, 2012

Fifteen teenagers spent their Saturday at the Museum, creating "LOL GIFS" with Born Digital exhibiting artist, Jacob Ciocci. In addition to using digital and handmade methods to create rich animations, Jacob shared his work, and together, they identified the current and historical "funny cats" portrayed in his piece currently on view in the Museum, titled "Copy Cat." The group also discussed internet culture and memes. 

Led by Jacob, with assistance from Vallyn Murphy, this group of fourteen high schoolers and one middle schooler used the website to capture what would be the foundation of their mixed media animated GIFs. The simple actions captured on ranged from pantomimed fight scenes, a hand counting down, and a student removing her glasses. Each frame of the GIF was then printed, providing the base on which to draw, collage, and otherwise manipulate by hand. From rainbow stickers to bright paint pens, various mediums transformed the slides into rich compositions. Finally, the slides were scanned, and each student assembled their JPG files into an animated GIF using Photoshop.  

The day concluded with a show-and-tell and some dissecting of the animated components of each piece. Students left equipped with a new method for creating GIFs to use as their social media avatars, to share with friends and family, or as the base for their own art-making. 

Images, from top: animated GIF by Anna; collage and drawing time; Jacob helps turn scans into animations in Photoshop. 

Scroll down to see Saturday's animations, and check out our Flickr page to see more images from the workshop!














Tia 2:



Rebecca + Anna: