In cities throughout the country, the arts have consistently been a vital component of urban renewal and revitalization. Without the support of visionaries like you, we could not have hoped to reach where we are.

We must not only build the museum but also fund the activities that sustain a thriving future. Your financial support will guarantee the excellence of our educational programing, student outreach, and the investment in the emerging artists and designers that will define the CAM Raleigh experience.

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About the First Year Initiative

The First Year Initiative is vital to CAM Raleigh’s daily operations and represents real support from individuals like YOU!

Tax-deductible contributions to the First Year Initiative will help CAM Raleigh continue to present a dazzling array of contemporary art and design exhibitions, provide valuable education programs to schoolchildren, and bring delight and inspiration to our community and to the region—maintaining CAM Raleigh’s place as a cultural hub in downtown.

These dollars allow us to keep the museum open for more than 300 days a year. From providing air conditioning on a hot summer day, to powering lighting and sound for exhibitions, to keeping our facility safe for children, gifts to the First Year Initiative help us advance our mission and broaden our reach in the community.