Wonderland – Book

Sarah Anne Johnson 2002-2014

The exhibition includes a 180-page, limited edition, hardcover catalog titled WONDERLAND: Sarah Anne Johnson (ISBN 978-0-9906909-0-0). The catalog is designed by Mike Carroll and introduced by North Carolina Museum of Art Director Lawrence J. Wheeler. More than 120 full color illustrations accompany insightful essays by curator Steven Matijcio; Border Crossings magazine editor, Meeka Walsh; and Los Angeles-based visual art critic and curator Andrew Berardini.

Hardcover, Unsigned Edition $50
Hardcover, Signed by Sarah Anne Johnson $75

Hardcover, Unsigned Edition  $45
Hardcover, Signed by Sarah Anne Johnson $67.50

$12 (within North Carolina)
$15 (outside North Carolina, within continental United States)
$25 (Canada)
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