CAM/now, the creative community + professionals membership affiliate group of CAM Raleigh, organizes public programs and events in addition to members only programs.

Image Courtesy of Joseph Rafferty

About CAM/now:
CAM/now is a membership affiliate group for the creative community + professionals who love art + design. Affiliates receive additional benefits to their museum membership, including:

  • Invitations to peer-designed museum programming such as exclusive tours and fun networking events
  • Significant discounts on tickets to special events
  • Access to a diverse group of individuals dedicated to supporting Raleigh’s growing art community

Interested in being part of CAM/now? Sign up for the CAM/now membership. Be sure to follow CAM/now on Facebook and Twitter. Get in touch directly with any questions:

CAM/now activities are led by the CAM/now Steering Committee.
The group aims to cultivate future leadership for CAM Raleigh by nurturing the next generation of contemporary art collectors and supporters, and promotes the greater mission of of the museum by providing its members with a wealth of social and educational activities created by and for their peers.

CAM/now Steering Committee Members:
Nancy Benninger, Chair
Ashley Holmes, Vice Chair

Sam Adams, Chair