Lincoln Hancock

Lincoln Hancock, the artist behind FLAG II, which is currently on view at CAM Raleigh, will be awarded the Raleigh Medal of Arts in the category of Public Art and Creative Placemaking for his Alluvial Decoder. Commissioned by the city of Raleigh, Alluvial Decoder is an educational public art installation featuring murals and educational markers along the Crabtree Creek Greenway. Created by Hancock, and fellow Gang of Three artists – William H. Dodge and Will Belcher – this work informs the public of historic flood zones and brings awareness to localized effects of global climate change. In addition to serving as an immersive reminder of storms past and future, this project also hopes to shed light on the pitfalls of irresponsible development, the wonder and fury of nature, and the simple steps we might take to mitigate such challenges both now and in the future.