Kennedi Carter: Behind the Scenes by Fred Beaujeu-Dufour

The Making of Kennedi Carter: Flexing / New Realm

A behind the scenes look at the making of the exhibition by photographer Fred Beaujeu-Dufour.  All Images were shot at CAM in February 2020 with a Canon 6D, 50mm lens.

Kennedi Carter (b. 1998) explores ideas of Blackness related to wealth, power, respect, and belonging in her new series of photographs. Carter dressed friends and acquaintances in historically-inspired costumes that represent wealth and power. History is referenced, rejected, and reimagined. The images compel us to ask questions: How can looking back in time move me forward? Who and what represents wealth? Does money mean respect? Where do I fit? What assumptions do I make based on appearance? Who is flexing? What is underneath wealth and power? What makes me feel seen? Where do I belong?



Charman Driver, Model

Stephanie Bowens, Model

Nikki Courie, Wigs + Styling

Precious Lovell, Styling

Mary Beth Paulson / House of Landor, Vintage clothing

Katie Rant, Crimped and rolled tracing paper dress

Eric Gaard, Exhibitions Director

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