CAM Raleigh Curatorial and Artistic Proposal Submission Guidelines

CAM Raleigh includes a broad range of artistic practices and is particularly interested in proposals of new, site-specific work that fully utilizes our space or engages visitors in a nontraditional manner. Strong proposals will be clear and concise, will present innovative and engaging ideas and draw a diverse group of participants and visitors.
CAM is interested in both emerging artists and emerging art forms and supports emerging artists through our Emerging Artist Series. CAM Raleigh defines emerging artist as an individual or collective who are on the brink of national recognition and producing inventive, high quality works of art. For many artists, their collaboration with CAM Raleigh will be their first museum exhibition. CAM Raleigh’s emerging artists represent a diverse group: young artists just breaking onto the scene, mid-career artists that have not yet received the exposure their work warrants, or established artists shifting their focus into a completely new direction.

Curators and artists may submit proposals for any exhibition program at CAM Raleigh including the main galleries, the Emerging Artist Series in the Independent Weekly Gallery, or special projects. Chosen curators and artists will work collaboratively with museum staff to execute their exhibition.


Curators must follow our submission guidelines: Download curator guidelines
Artists must follow our submission guidelines: Download artist guidelines
Download a floor plan of the museum here