Exposure Time 2015 – Sunday

Photographers. Party. Portraits.

Sunday, Sept. 20: Portrait Sittings Traditional (or wildly untraditional) portrait sittings

Family portraits, headshots, children’s portraits, pets, group shots, and more!

$150 Members  |  $250 Non-members (purchase a dual/family membership and save $25)
Ian Dunn tintype photos: additional $50 to above prices

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Luke Bhothipiti

So here’s a little bit about me:  I’m a fourth generation Floridian who managed to break family convention and moved to Raleigh in the spring of 2014.  I’ve got a couple of degrees in photography from the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies and the University of Central Florida.  My photos have been published and exhibited internationally, I’ve won a bunch of awards, and have had my work reblogged without my permission at least a billion times on Tumblr.  I love hanging out on a front porch with a good beer or three and think that the word “cantaloupe” should be easier to spell.

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Adam Brophy

I am a local and destination wedding photographer based in Raleigh, North Carolina where I live with my beautiful wife Rebecca, my two crazy boys Ben and Jack, our Golden Retriever Baloo and a cross-eyed Siamese cat Merlin. Beyond that I love the mountains, I like to run, I live to eat and I enjoy a nice cold quality IPA on just about any occasion. I have been described by my family and friends as honest, loyal, passionate, creative and hirsute (that would explain the luscious and well groomed beard!). And that’s me in a nutshell.
I may be biased, though I think your wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you will make regarding your wedding day. In the  days, weeks or a year, all of the other items will be gone, but your wedding album and the prints you have made will last forever. They will take you back and remind you of the amazingness, the beauty, all the time and effort you spent planning and how it all came out as you imagined. Though it is not just about that day or the way in which you display the art from your wedding day. It’s also about the experience you have and the connection you make with your photographer.
So let’s get together over some tea, some good food or a cold beer/cocktail and talk about your story, what food and music you both love, where you dream about traveling to and, of course, your wedding.

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Ian Dunn with Miller Taylor

Ian F.G. Dunn is a North Carolina born photographer and photo archivist living and working in downtown Raleigh. Having been taught the workings of a traditional wet darkroom at the age of 10, his love of hand-printing and processing has remained steadfast throughout the infancy of our digital age. Ian’s work focuses on structure and balance found in the landscapes of rural and urban North Carolina. His photographs attempt to reveal abstractions from scenes often viewed but rarely observed. The, arguably, objective quality of “rightness” is continually sought out, kneaded, and explored. In addition to landscapes, Ian also makes ambrotype and tintype portraits using a photographic process from the 1850’s.

Miller Taylor

Originally from the middle of nowhere in rural North Carolina, Miller Taylor is a photographer and designer currently working in Raleigh, NC. After earning his Bachelor of Architecture from the College of Design at North Carolina State University, he turned his attention to photography, specializing in the documentation of spaces and objects for artists and designers. His personal projects have ranged from photographic abstractions of iconic monuments to long-form visual narratives documenting war veterans returning to Vietnam. When not working on creative projects, he is actively involved with the family business, a vineyard located on what was once his grandparents’ tobacco farm.

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Elizabeth Galecke

My love for photography started before my first photo class in high school and led me to graduating college with a BA in PhotoCommunications from St. Edward’s University in Austin. Looking for an adventure, I moved to Raleigh 20 years ago and started my business specializing in documentary style portraiture. I feel so fortunate to have a career that allows me to be a part of my client’s lives and, over time, witnessing and photographing my first clients who were then young children grow over the years. Some of them now married with their own kids. My business has changed and grown over the years as well, going from shooting all film and printing in the darkroom (I held out as long as I could) to now a mix of old school techniques and digital technology.  If I am not out taking photographs, I can most likely be found either cooking up something new in my kitchen or out in the world with friends.

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Amaris Hames

Amaris Hames images

You won’t find any words here about photography being my passion because it isn’t. People are my passion. Images are my medium and my absolute joy.
I’m Amaris. Trained in film a decade ago, I’ve learned and laughed underneath some incredible & acclaimed photojournalists both stateside and abroad. Seven years in this crazy industry has taught me to be prepared for ANYTHING and exactly how to be a pinch hitter, a make-shift seamstress, a last minute makeup artist, event coordinator, and a strong support. Capturing smiles and laughter in my tiny box has carried me from Carolina to Minnesota to the Czech Republic, but I always find my way home to the South.  Windows down driving, sunshine and great craft beer are all part of a perfect day and my goal is to create portraits that reveal your best self – real smiles, scrunchy noses and all. Let’s get together and see how we can create some magic.

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Eve Hobgood

Eve Kakassy Hobgood is a photographer and native North Carolinian. Prior to moving to Raleigh in 2014, Eve spent 10 years in New York working as a photographer. In 2010 Daily Candy NYC named Petite Simone Best Local Photographers. Along with her own photography Eve spent 3 years working for the world wide photographers cooperative Magnum Photos in Print Exhibitions and 2 years for Keith Richards, archiving his personal photography collection, for his autobiography “Life”. Prior to living and working in New York, Eve spent 5 years in Los Angeles working with legendary rock and roll photographer Henry Diltz. Eve studied photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design and the Portfolio School in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Tyler Northrup

Being the worst freestyle BMX rider I knew and breaking 3 collarbones at the task, allowed me ample time to photograph my friends being successful where I was so laughably inept. 13 years ago I picked up a friend’s hand-me-down 35mm film camera and impressed upon the manager of the local drug-store photo lab to develop and print my negatives for free. So began a period of making scores of terrible photographs of my friends on their bikes, which gradually led into a period of making mediocre photos of my friends on their bikes, which in turn, after some schooling and real world experience, finally led into a period of making good photos of my friends on their bikes. I’ve mostly moved on from chasing people down on tiny bikes with huge camera bags, now I primarily make portraits of people, places, and people in places. I go in for simplicity, elegance, lines, light, humor, and a little bit of the fantastical. Born and raised in North Carolina, I live in Raleigh and work everywhere. So far, everywhere has included New Zealand, Africa, Israel, UAE, The Maldives, England, and all over these United States.

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Joseph Rafferty

Joseph is an eminent, award-winning photographer. He received his BFA in Photography from the world renowned Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Joseph’s conceptual images are thought provoking. Each image is sketched out & then heavily stylized on the day of the shoot. He donates all of his profits to helping young people with Autism.
Clients: New York Times Magazine, Oprah Magazine, GQ, American Lawyer, Getty Images, AARP, San Francisco Historical Society, Bloomberg Financial, Pantheon Books Publishing

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Shawn Rocco

Shawn Rocco is a photojournalist with a bit of a fine-art and commercial background thrown in for good measure. Originally from upstate New York, he lives in Durham, North Carolina where he’s a photographer and video producer in the news and communications office for Duke University Medicine. Prior to that he was a staff photojournalist with the News & Observer in Raleigh and an adjunct professor in the Journalism School at UNC-Chapel Hill. In 2011 he was named Photographer of the Year by the North Carolina Press Photographers Association.

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Ben Scott

My name is Ben Scott and I’m a portrait photographer.  I have always loved being behind the lens. When I was in 7th grade, my grandfather gave me my first 35mm camera and darkroom kit. I find a successful portrait is one where the subjects personality comes through to the viewer and portrays the person in the best light. 
I graduated with a Masters in Art+Design from NC State University. My graduate research focused on the impact past works of art can have on fashion photography and video. Following graduation, I focused my work in modern portraiture to create visual stories. My work is a mix of corporate and fashion/lifestyle photography for North Carolina agency represented models. I believe this mix helps me stay on top of trends in modern commercial photography and I love to bring this over to all of my portraits.

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Dave Shay

Dave Shay images

After working as a technician for both Leica Camera and FujiFilm, I decided that I was far better suited in a much less safe world and set out to pursue photography as a full-time career. After being trained under some of the top Wedding and Portrait Photographers in NYC I moved back home to the southern states where my wonderful family of three currently resides. The goal of my work is to find the connection between people and the ones they love as a way of expressing the connections I find dear in my own life. After some wrong turns along the way, this lead me to specialize in wedding and family portraiture all across the country, and chase some wonderful adventures along the way.

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