Exposure Time

Exposure Time

Design by Joshua Gajownik | Photos courtesy Tim Lytvinenko


Y O U  A R E  A R T
S E P T E M B E R   1 2 – 1 4 ,  2 0 1 4


Thank you all for participating and for your support of CAM Raleigh and Exposure Time 2014.


UPDATE (SEPT 2): There are now two different Portrait Packages:

PACKAGE AExposure Time VIP Portrait Package – $350

  • Tickets to the kickoff party to meet the photographers
  • CAM Raleigh dual/family membership
  • 30-minute portrait appointment
  • One high resolution digital file and print of one image (additional digital images available for purchase)
  • On-site consultation with graphic designers to help plan a holiday card
  • On-site framing consultation
  • Fun make-and-take art activities

PACKAGE BExposure Time Portrait Package – $175 (Use promo code EXPO when checking out)

  • 30-minute portrait appointment
  • High resolution digital file of one image (additional digital images available for purchase)
  • Fun make-and-take art activities
  • IMPORTANT: When choosing PACKAGE B, use the promo code EXPO when checking out. Otherwise, the shopping cart defaults to PACKAGE A.


EXPOSURE TIME at CAM Raleigh is a celebration of photographers and their art.
This time, their art is you, and you get to keep it!

Luke Bhothipiti | Ray Black III | Jillian Clark | Jason Dail | Bruce DeBoer | Ian Dunn with Nick Pironio | Amy Edwards | Elizabeth Galecke | Eve Hobgood | Sonja Lombard | Tim Lytvinenko | Tyler Northrup | Tony Pearce | Bryan Regan | Miller Taylor | Harris Welles | Geoff Wood

The kickoff party Friday night begins an entire weekend of portrait sittings offered by some of the most creative and talented photographers in the region. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to create an artful and unique portrait of you or your loved ones.

  • Treat yourself or bring a partner, bring your family or your best friends, even your pets.
  • Shoot your holiday photo.
  • Show your individuality with props or items that you identify with, uniforms or costumes. Have fun!
  • Want a great photo of someone else? Schedule a sitting for them as a gift (on the condition that you get a copy, of course)!

Kickoff party: Sept 12: 6-8PM (sponsored by Cantina 18)

Sittings: Saturday, Sept 13: 10AM – 6PM (last sitting at 5:30PM), Sunday, Sept 14:10AM – 5PM (last sitting at 4:45PM)

All proceeds support CAM Raleigh’s education and community programs.

Each sitting is 30 minutes each (including consultation), scheduled at 45-minute intervals.
(You can also consult with your chosen photographer ahead of time; email with any questions .)

Choose from two packages:

PACKAGE A – Exposure Time VIP Portrait Package – $350

  • 2 tickets to the Kick Off party with photographers on September 12 from 6 PM – 8 PM ($100 value)
  • A 1-year CAM Raleigh Family Membership ($75 value)

    (Already a member? We can extend your membership or you may gift it to someone else.)
  • A 30-minute sitting with one of our professional photographers (PRICELESS)
  • One high resolution digital file and print of one image (additional digital images available for purchase)
  • On-site consultation with graphic designers to help plan a holiday card
  • On-site framing consultation
  • Fun make-and-take art activities

PACKAGE B – Exposure Time Portrait Package– $175
(Use promo code EXPO when checking out)

  • 30-minute portrait appointment
  • High resolution digital file of one image (additional digital images available for purchase)
  • Fun make-and-take art activities
  • IMPORTANT: When choosing PACKAGE B, use the promo code EXPO when checking out. Otherwise, the shopping cart defaults to PACKAGE A.

Exposure Time Planning Committee:

Tim Lytvinenko, Craig McDuffie, Tony Pearce, Miller Taylor, Leah Goodnight Tyler, Andrea Hoyt, Allen Thomas, Jr. and Andrew May with Marjorie Hodges and Gab Smith of CAM Raleigh.

Thanks to our corporate sponsors 18 Seaboard Restaurants, Glover Printing Inc., Citrix and A/V Metro.

Luke Bhothipiti

Luke BLuke B

Luke Bhothipiti is a fine art and editorial photographer originally hailing from Central Florida but now living in Raleigh. He is a graduate of the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies in Daytona Beach, FL and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Photography from the University of Central Florida. Heavily involved in the arts, Luke has led workshops specializing in low-light photography and lectured on the subject in conjunction with the Southeast Museum of Photography in Daytona Beach, FL.

His work has been exhibited, published, recognized, and awarded both domestically and internationally by Nikon, FujiFilm, The Macallan, Creative Quarterly Magazine, N Photo Magazine, Visit Scotland, JPG Magazine, 500px, and L’Image Magazine. Luke has also been named as one of Creative Quarterly Magazine’s top 25 photographers of 2013.

For Exposure Time, Luke will be exclusively photographing individuals (not groups.)

Each sitter will be provided with a complementary instant print from the sitting.

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Ray Black III

Wedding of Jan Burkhard and Jason Catlin in Raleigh on Saturday, June 15, 2013.alli.ringflare

Ray Black III is an editorial photographer and photojournalist based out of Raleigh. A life-long North Carolinian, Ray has traveled for photographic work across the US and Canada.

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Jillian Clark


Jillian Clark is a portrait and editorial photographer, Trichotillomania advocate and collector of tintypes. Her work explores the human spirit and imperfections that make us individual and beautiful. Clients and publications include Musee Magazine, Giammona Collective Denim, Kenda Kist Jewelry, Clay Conner Guitars, Trichotillomania Learning Center, Planet Transgender, Indy Week and more.

All sitters will receive a complimentary Polaroid print

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Jason Dail

Jason DailJason Dail

I am a CREATOR, a photographer / director of photography, and a disgruntled architect. I have won awards internationally at all those things yet the most successful thing that I have ever created is my life. I live a felicitous life. I see talent a mile away and it makes me feel overwhelmingly happy. I love people who can make anything out of nothing and are happy to give everything for nothing in return. I love coincidence and how great planning can look just like it. I hope that the work speaks for itself however it is always my goal to create something awe inspiring for all my clients, whether families or media outlets.

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Bruce DeBoer

1012_m-times__brian_2856Bruce DeBoer

DeBoer Works LLC, transforms strategy, stories, and emotions into polished visuals; both stills and motion imaging for business.

We are commissioned for both print and motion assignments by editorial, advertising, collateral, promotional and web clients.

We’ve worked in categories that include travel / leisure, fashion, education / institutional, financial, professional / business, retail, resort / hospitality, beverage, and pharmaceutical.

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Ian Dunn with Nick Pironio

arrowheadambrotype  brentdeaddads  joshdeaddads

Ian F.G. Dunn is a North Carolina born photographer living and working in downtown Raleigh. Having been taught the workings of a traditional wet darkroom at the age of 10, his love of hand-printing and processing has remained steadfast throughout the infancy of our digital age. Ian’s work focuses on structure, clarity and balance found in the landscapes of rural and urban North Carolina. His photographs attempt to reveal abstractions from scenes often viewed but rarely observed. The, arguably, objective quality of “rightness” is continually sought out, kneaded, and explored.

Nick Pironio

His images are about being afraid to say yes, yet more afraid not to. He captures these hesitations through portraits and candid shots. His time between adventures is filled with editing and printing. He’s always creating. 

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Elizabeth Galecke

Galecke -Mother & ChildGalecke_Boys

Elizabeth Galecke has been photographing in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and surrounding areas of North Carolina, including the beach and mountains for 19 years. She specializes in fine art portraits using medium format film which is printed by hand in the darkroom as well as digital formats. Elizabeth’s portraits capture the subject in a casual, comfortable environment using the outdoors, your home, or her studio as a backdrop. She photographs a wide array of subjects including: bridal portraits, maternity, children, families, senior portraits and her specialty, Day in the Life.

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Raymond Goodman


I have supported CAM by word & deed since the early 90’s when I first put a square orange & blue CAM sticker on my blue 240 Volvo. The first time I could, I opened that big yellow door & joined CAM as a member & am thrilled to renew every year! It is a place our 4yo longs to return to only minutes after having a visit. She loves her member card & collection of colored CAM visitor tabs, she loves the bright open space and also loves the art. CAM is a special place. As a photographer of people I seek to find that inner space within a subject. Once the perception settles between the subject and the photographer I begin to engage the shutter & search to capture that volume between. Each interaction is different, sometimes a chortle, a yawn, an intensity or a soulful calm comes through, something always comes through. I try to soak up the personality before me, to pull it out of it’s inherent shyness & reluctance to reveal from behind the masks we wear. I shoot for that space in between, that space behind the mask. I’m a father, a beekeeper and a husband living and working in Raleigh, NC.

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Eve Hobgood


Eve Kakassy Hobgood is a portrait photographer specializing in babies, children and families. Named Best Local Photographers by Daily Candy Kids NYC, “Clients hire her for her hip, breezy lifestyle portraits.” From an early age, I took an interest in the arts. My grandmother is an artist; she works in different medias but her true passion started in photography. As I spent many days in her darkroom with her, I soon developed a passion for photography. I attended Savannah College of Art and Design. My studies consisted of art history with a concentration in photography. Along my travels, photography has played a central role in my explorations. I have worked with some amazing documentary photographers where I learned various techniques. After moving to New York, I worked for the worldwide photographers cooperative, Magnum photos. Recently, I archived the private photography collection for Keith Richards for an autobiography. Moving along, I started photographing friends and their families, newborns and all of the parties…it has been a blast.

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Sonja Lombard


I capture moments that tell your story. My passion is to photograph the beauty, spirit and soul of my subjects in all of life’s stages. I strive to reveal personalities, emotion and relationships between individuals in my photographs. To me photography is about communicating through imagery. A good photograph needs to stir something in its audience. My work in words is crisp, clean and contemporary.

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Tim Lytvinenko


Tim Lytvinenko is a photographer and developer based in Raleigh, NC. Currently Tim is photographing Carolina Ballet and has a photo residency at Chuck’s Restaurant in Downtown Raleigh. He has worked for these publications/companies: Elle, Nylon, MR, ESPN The Magazine, Sports Illustrated, New York Post, Raleigh Denim, The Concord (N.H.) Monitor, The Midland (M.I.) Daily News, The (Raleigh) News & Observer, The Albuquerque Tribune, WireImage, HBO.

All sitters will receive a complementary drip photo print with each sitting (similar to drip photo pictured above.)

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Tyler Northrup


Photographer of people, places, and people in places. I go in for simplicity, elegance, lines, light, humor, and a little bit of the fantastical. I mean, why be a photographer if you can’t create your own world? North Carolina born and raised, I live in Raleigh and work everywhere.

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Tony Pearce

Tony Pearce 01Tony Pearce 21000 Faces Project

The significance in an empty space. The humor in the expressionless. The leopard Speedo that’s way too small. For me, a great photograph tells a story through what it’s missing. In every image I create, I seek a balance—or, sometimes, a tension—between what I choose to reveal and what I choose to give away. I’m picky and hands on because I want my images to be uncomplicated. I look for meaning by stripping a thing, an idea, or a person, down to its barest elements. I find my inspiration in restraint— without the distractions of extra props or obvious retouching, my subjects have room to just be. I want to find what is real and honest without a whiff of judgment. I guess it would just be easier if I said I believe less is more.

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Bryan Regan


I’m a full time working commercial/advertising photographer.

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Miller Taylor

Exposure Time Miller Taylor 02Exposure Time Miller Taylor 03

Originally from the middle of nowhere in rural North Carolina, Miller Taylor is a photographer and designer currently working in Raleigh, NC. After earning his Bachelor of Architecture from the College of Design at North Carolina State University, he turned his attention to photography, specializing in the documentation of spaces and objects for artists and designers. His personal projects have ranged from photographic abstractions of iconic monuments to long-form visual narratives documenting war veterans returning to Vietnam. When not working on creative projects, he is actively involved with the family business, a vineyard located on what was once his grandparents’ tobacco farm.

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Harris Welles

DonnyDeutsch  LaurieJ  TobyTwining

As a husband, father, sailor, triathlete, and artist – I strive to get the most out of my commitments and enjoy the journey. Life is what you make it. After studying architecture in college, I returned to photography and moved to New York City. Image making for me is about discovery. I’ve used assorted films, cameras, techniques, and software over the years to produce a unique look – but that doesn’t matter. A powerful visual image, no matter how it’s created, stands on it’s own. My goal is to produce an image that will engage the mind, spin it’s wheels, and perhaps trigger an emotion. Thus, I love the surreal. I also love big images and how they can transform a space by grabbing the viewers attention.

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Geoff Wood 


I’m a commercial and editorial photographer in Raleigh, NC. But, first and foremost, I’m a husband to a beautiful and creative wife, Regan. A father to a hilarious and smack-me-in-the-face cute little girl named Gibson and a very shaggy daredevil named Crosby.
I started my career working in ad agencies as a graphic designer but photography soon took over. The years I worked in design were ideal training for my eye and vision.
What makes up the other bits of Geoff: music, sweet potato pancakes, cornbread, and a healthy fear of sharks.

For Exposure Time: Geoff will be photographing a maximum of two people at a time for all group shots.

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Photographs and bios courtesy of the photographers