Deep Surface Designers and Objects

Deep Surface: Contemporary Ornament and Pattern
September 24, 2011 through January 2, 2012

Featured Designers

Joris Laarman, Heatwave, Designed 2003; Manufactured 2007, Collection: Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution

FAT (Fashion Architecture Taste),  Sean Griffiths, Charles Holland, Sam Jacob, The Villa, Sint Lucas Art Academy, Islington Square, Blue House, Courtesy of designers. 

Behrouz Hariri, Tehran Techno, 2005, Courtesy of the designer

Marian Bantjes, I Wonder, 2010, Donation by The Monacelli Press

Jeffery Keedy, Grateful Palette

Andrea Tinnes, Volvox, 1999-2001, Courtesy of the designer. 

Joseph Holzman, Editor and Art Director Nest: A Quarterly of Interiors vol 1 Fall 1997, Collection: Smithsonian Institution Libraries

Ela Cindoruk, Doily News, 2007, Donation by the designer
Ela Cindoruk, Doily Cups,  2009, Courtesy of the designer
Ela Cindoruk, Zarife Saucer, 2007, Courtesy of the designer

Minale-Maeda, Table Manners Series (Dressed Table, Dressed Dish, Dressed Fork, Dressed Knife, Delfts Toast Pan, Delfts Toast Plate), 2005, Courtesy of the designer

Ronan Bouroullec, Erwan Bouroullec, Algues, 2004 

Vik Muniz, Maharam Digital Projects: Fleur De Lys, 2010, Donated in part by Maharam

Studio Tord Boontje, Garland Light, 2002, Donated by Artecnica

Francesco Simeti, Maharam Digital Projects: New World, 2010, Donated in part by Maharam

Demakersvan, Lace Fence, 2005,  Courtesy of Droog; 

Studio Dror QuaDror QuaDror Volume.MGX, 2010, Courtesy of the designer

Randall Hunt, Put-in-Cups, Donation by the designer 

Andrea Tinnes, TJ alias, Typejockey, 2011, Courtesy of the designer

Cuban Council, Pixel Patterns,  2011, Courtesy of Cuban Council

Boym Partners Inc, Souvenir Stickers, 2006 Kit-of-Parts Constantin and Laurene Boym United States Manufacturer: Domestic Vinyl Donation by Domestic

Andrew Blauvelt, Chad Kloepfer, Emmet Byrne, Walker Expanded, 2005, Courtesy the Walker Art Center

2×4, Brooklyn Museum identity, 2004, Courtesy of the designer

Kapitza, Geometric Font system, 2011, iPad application (pre-release), Courtesy of the designer.

Peter Bilak, History typeface History Remixer, 2011, Courtesy of Typotheque

Marcel Wanders, Knotted Chair, 1995, Collection: The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of the Peter Norton Family Foundation, 1996.

Fernando Campana, Humberto Campana, Corallo Armchair, 2004  Collection: The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder

C.E.B. Reas, Maharam Digital Projects: Process 6, 2010, Donated in part by Maharam

Elena Manferdini, Ricami stool, 2008, Courtesy of Arktura. 

Hansje van Halem, Doily Type, 2009, Courtesy of the designer

Alabama Chanin, Addie Dress, Courtesy of the designer

Jongeriuslab, Sampler blanket, Original commission: 2004 by Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum Reproduced: 2011 Inheritances, Courtesy of the designer

Richard Hutten, Playing With Tradition, 2008, Courtesy of the designer

Maxim Velčovský,  Vase of Vases, small version, 3/50,  2008, Courtesy of Křehký

Committee Love I,II, III (Blossoms),  2008, Courtesy of Lladró USA

Studio Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe, New Dutch Blue series: Casablanca, Beijing and Tokyo, 2002, Courtesy of the designer

Gail Swanlund, Geoff Kaplan, Jennifer Steinkamp, Jennifer Steinkamp, 2009,   Donation by the designers

Atelier Manferdini, Fabric Tower, 2008, Courtesy of the designer

Homa Delvaray, Painting Exhibition of Ali Mohammadi, 2008, Courtesy of the designer

Paul Noble, Maharam Digital Projects: Ye Olde Ruin (One),  2010, Donated in part by Maharam

Nipa Doshi, Jonathan Levien, Charpoy, 2007, Courtesy of Moroso

Rudy VanderLans, Zuzana Licko, Historia “Cahuenga, Chino, Dominguez, Gavilan,
La Mesa, Los Angeles, Monterey, Natividad, Olompali, San Gabriel, San Pasqual,
Santa Clara, Sonoma,
2010, Courtesy of Émigré

Studio Job, The Book of Job, 2009, Donation by Rizzoli New York

Junky Styling, Cuff and Collar Creation, Courtesy of the designer

Ebon Heath, Quiet Dog Bite Hard, 2011, Courtesy of the designer

Maria Palazzi and Norah Zuniga-Shaw, in collaboration with William Forsythe, Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design, The Ohio State University Synchronous Objects, 2009, Courtesy of the designers

Jeffery Keedy, Ornamental Morphologies, 2006, Courtesy of the designer

2×4, Michael Rock, Susan Sellers, Design Machine, 2009, Courtesy of the designer

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