CAM Raleigh video 2014

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CAM Raleigh builds and enriches community by presenting contemporary art and design that explores, engages and empowers creativity. Our ever changing educational and cultural experience ignite ideas and connect people to what is now and what is next.

Directed by Remedy
Produced by Remedy & CAM Raleigh
Shot & Edited by Remedy

Appearances by
Mitchell Silver, City Planner of NYC
Jim Goodmon, Chairman & CEO of Capital Broadcasting Company
Vansana Nolintha, Co-Owner of Bida Manda Laotian restaurant
Steve Schuster, Architect/Principal at Clearscapes
Thomas Sayre, Artist/Principal at Clearscapes
Marjorie Hodges, Director of Contemporary Art Foundation of CAM Raleigh
Gab Smith, Executive Director of CAM Raleigh
The Honorable Nancy McFarlane, Mayor of Raleigh
Joan Certa-Moore, Educator at Brooks Museums Magnet Elementary School
Charman Driver, Chair of CAM Raleigh Board of Directors
Jordyn Brautman, Fifth-Grade Docent

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