The project is made possible by the Jandy Ammons Foundation. SWIPE Public Art
For Pollinators
and People
Creating synergy between art and agriculture
Slide ABOUT An artistic pollinator habitat at the Sunflower Field in Dix Park created by Courtney Evans of Tactile Workshop to house native bees cared for by Leigh-Kathryn Bonner of Bee Downtown. SWIPE READ MORE Slide BE ENGAGED Visit, take photos, and tag @CAMraleigh! SWIPE #loveCAMbees Create buzz in your community! Slide Imagine yourself as a bee. BEES HABITAT The "Pollinator Hotel" is an abstracted reinterpretation of a bee wing with a holographic black finish, translating for our eyes the way bees perceive light—in iridescent, ultraviolet colors. Contemporary art magnifies ideas and concerns relevant to our community. SWIPE READ MORE Slide IN THE ARTIST'S MIND - Courtney Evans
Tactile WKSP
SWIPE READ MORE "I am fascinated by the elegance of systems, and how they can be activated in contemporary art."
Slide Look for the different types of bees! OUR BEES Bee Downtown has filled the artistic habitat with tiny tubes to give Mason, Leafcutter, solitary Green Sweat Bees, and large and small Carpenter Bees what they like in a home: long hollow spaces to lay eggs. Strong ecosystems contain art, people & pollinators. SWIPE READ MORE Slide CAM BEAS The project is established by CAM / Raleigh with the support from Betty Eichenberger Adams Society. The BEAS advocate for contemporary art in our community.