Artistic Habitat


Contemporary art makes visible the ideas and issues relevant to our community.

One could imagine a giant pollinator set down near a field of sunflowers just outside of the city, yet it takes artist Courtney Evans of Tactile Workshop to transform this fantastic idea into reality.


Courtney Evans describes the sculpture as an abstracted reinterpretation of a bee wing with a holographic black finish, translating for our eyes the way bees perceive light – in iridescent, ultraviolet colors.

The delicate lattice wing structure is composed of lines duplicated over the path of kinematic patterns, and echoes the motion of beating wings.

“I am fascinated by the elegance of systems, and how they can be activated in contemporary art.“

Just at the intersection of my passion for art and engineering, is my architect’s creative mind—How can I build this? The Pollinator Hotel is created from a hybrid model of digital steel fabrication, and manual assembly.

Most importantly, the several custom hotels within the voids of the wing veins will house mason, leaf-cutter, green sweat bees, and carpenter bees. Thousands native pollinators will live in this sculpture, making the piece itself technology in a system, and the bees part of the larger Dix Park ecosystem.``

- Courtney Evans, Tactile WKSP Founder & Lead Architect