Pollinators at
The Sunflower Field


Strong ecosystems are made up of culture & art and people & pollinators.

Bee Downtown has filled an artistic habitat with tiny tubes to give Mason Bees and Leafcutter Bees as well as solitary Green Sweat Bees, and large and small Carpenter Bees what they like in a home: long hollow spaces to lay eggs.

Pollen & pollinators are a power team.

The act of gathering pollen to feed their young, strengthens their numbers and enables flowers to produce fruit. Gardeners, farmers, flowers (and artists!) love when sticky pollen grains attach to the legs, abdomen, and scopa (hair) of bees.

Bees by the numbers


Native bee species are in peril


The percentage of population decline in native bees.


The amount of dollars are contributed to the US agricultural economy through the pollination work of native bees.

``It's an honor to be part of an amazing project. It is a living art.

One of the main factors contributing to pollinator decline is loss of habitats and habitat fragmentation in urban environments. This sustainable piece of art will create added habitats in our community that are essential for pollinators to thrive. My hope is it inspires and challenges people to think about their own environmental impact and learn how they can support all pollinators.``

- Leigh-Kathryn Bonner, Bee Downtown Founder and CEO