Public Art For
Pollinators and People

Creating Synergy Between Art and Agriculture


An artistic pollinator habitat at the Sunflower Field in Dix Park.

Designed by Courtney Evans of Tactile Workshop to house pollinators cared for by Bee Downtown. A project by CAM / Raleigh made possible by the Jandy Ammons Foundation.


Who are the BEAS?

Betty Eichenberger Adams Society

BEAS and Bees create powerful ecosystems. BEAS at CAM / Raleigh bring art into our urban landscape, stand for change in our community, and supports contemporary issues.

“It's exciting to be a part of the first in a series of contemporary art for bees.

In my own garden, Courtney and her team created a beautiful sculpture that is a habitat for bees. I enjoyed the process, from the inspiration for the sculpture to the planting of native plants beneficial to pollinators. It’s great to support BEES in our community!`` - Lisa McGowan, BEAS Member