Artwork from Arthouse 2016

Artwork from Arthouse 2016

Graphite and watercolor painting

Bill Thelen, untitled (totem 5), 2016, Graphite and watercolor
Courtesy of the artist

Dollar bill painting

Sarah Cain, $ninety-four, 2015, Mixed media on dollar bill, courtesy of the artist and Anthony Meier Fine Arts, San Francisco

Mixed media on hand cut paper

Sherin Guirguis, Formulations IV, 2014, Mixed media on hand-cut paper
Courtesy of the artist

Chromogenic print

Sarah Anne Johnson, Chilling At The Void, 2015, Chromogenic print
Courtesy of the artist and Julie Saul Gallery, New York


Phil America, Lindenwold, 2015, Inkjet print on watercolor paper, courtesy of the artist

Graphite drawing

Ryan Travis Christian, We’re Coming To Poke You in the Eye, 2012, Graphite on paper
Courtesy of an anonymous donor