CAMversation with Horse & Buggy Press furniture makers

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Join us for a CAMversation with furniture makers Al Frega, Scott Howell, Ben Galata, Jessica Ullom from Hawks and Doves, and Anthony Ulinski

Five of the furniture makers who created custom works for the exhibit will speak about their work (and show images of other works) in an informal living room-esque conversation.

Dave Wofford of Horse & Buggy Press will talk briefly about why and how he creates variation within a book edition to push the idea of the books as unique artifacts rather than mere copies of a plan, as well how he thinks about materials of the books as a way to carry content and become more than neutral substrates.

Al Frega is based in Durham and makes sculptures, furniture, and more utilizing a treasure trove of rescued architectural elements and discarded machinery from across North Carolina.

Scott Howell is an artist, designer, and craftsman based in Durham, who has accumulated twenty-five years experience in the woodworking industry building custom cabinetry and millwork for a variety of clients. Currently, Scott is focusing his talents solely on designing and building furniture that re-imagine traditional and modern styles for contemporary life. 

White chair by Scott Howell

Chair by Scott Howell, image courtesy Dave Wofford

Jessica Ullom is a Raleigh-based maker who repurposes found materials in conjunction with both new and dead stock American made textiles. She uses these items to produce utilitarian home goods and accessories, as well as kitchen wares. Hawks and Doves strives to source raw materials locally and creates one-of-a-kind products. 

Hawks & Doves bag

Bag by Hawks & Doves, image courtesy Dave Wofford

Ben Galata creates custom furnishings, architectural elements, and sculpture in forged and fabricated steel. Ben’s work is contemporary, but is produced using many of the traditional blacksmithing and metalworking processes. The work is inspired by a variety of references, ranging from urban landscape to forms found in nature. His clients and commissioners include designers, architects, builders, other artisans and private individuals. Ben’s work can been seen in residences, public spaces, and galleries regionally and nationally.

Table by Ben Galata

Table by Ben Galata, image courtesy Dave Wofford

Anthony Ulinski moved to Raleigh in 1976 and founded Dovetail Woodworks, a studio furniture business which is located one block away from CAM on Commerce Street. His furniture has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Craft Fair, The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Fair, and the John Elder Gallery in New York. In 1993 he began painting, focusing on the still life and landscape: quiet everyday scenes. He divides his time between painting and furniture making. 

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