Stacey L. Kirby: PARTicipate

Stacey L. Kirby at CAM Raleigh

CAM Raleigh, Raleigh, NC 2014. Photo courtesy of Cheri Phillips

PARTicipate is an exhibition of Stacey L. Kirby’s experimental “performative interactions.” PARTicipate offers a glimpse into Kirby’s ongoing face-to-face dialogue with more than 2,000 people about belonging, identity and the validity of our voices. Visitors to the Bureau of Personal Belonging engage with the officer on duty (performed by Kirby herself) in such works as The Declaration Project and VALIDnation. Participants are encouraged to find their own voice through writing their responses to prompts on paper “forms” that they then submit for departmental approval, contributing to a growing archive of personal histories. PARTicipate is part of CAM Raleigh’s Emerging Artists Series and is supported by SiteLink Software, DECO Raleigh and the City of Raleigh based on recommendations of the Raleigh Arts Commission.

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