A Sneak Preview of Justin LeBlanc’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection


Photo courtesy Curtis Brown

August 28 at 7:30 PM.
Students and members: $15
General Admission: $25
Beer and wine available for donation.
Sign language interpreter will be present.

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Being deaf from birth, Justin LeBlanc learned to rely upon his other senses to gain a holistic perception of the world which, to Justin, is a normal perception. However, removal of one sense causes a dramatic rearrangement of the others, resulting in an altered perception of space and time.
In his 2012 thesis show at the Art Institute of Chicago entitled “Inaudible,” Justin presented an audio-visual depiction of both hearing and deaf people communicating while underwater, where all people are challenged with the distortion of sound. Justin revisits that theme with his 2015 Spring/Summer Collection, where sound is secondary to sight and touch, and perceptions of scent and taste; and all senses are integrated into an Inaudible experience.

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Bio courtesy of Justin LeBlanc

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Arts Access
We are pleased to co-sponsor this event with Arts Access, they are a North Carolina organization that works to make the arts accessible to children and adults with disabilities. For more information, go to

Audio Description Sign_Language_Interpretation

ASL (American Sign Language Interpretation for visitors who are deaf or hard of hearing) and Audio Description (for visitors who are blind or low vision) will be provided during the Fashion Show.

For other accessibility questions please contact Gab Smith at 919.261.5917


Makeup by Ryan Willis, Special thanks to Art2Wear

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