Justin LeBlanc – Journey


Photographer: Kathleen Edwards

PREVIEW: Justin LeBlanc’s Fall/Winter 2016 Collection at CAM Raleigh

Join us Friday, February 13, 2015 at 7pm for the introduction of Justin LeBlanc’s new collection, Journey.

In creating his new collection, Justin LeBlanc traveled throughout North Carolina in search of North Carolina-based design and textile resources. He found a vibrant community of individuals determined to revitalize North Carolina’s place in the textile industry. Justin’s Journey collection includes fabric from North Carolina-based mills Contempora Fabrics of Lumberton and Monterey Mills/Glenoit Fabrics of Tarboro; and designs custom printed by Spoonflower of Durham. Some of Justin’s designs utilize the creative talents of Matt Tomasulo of Raleigh’s City Fabric. Justin’s quest to find North Carolina-based resources was guided by the Carolina Textile District of Conover and Opportunity Threads of Morganton, North Carolina.

Justin on Journey:

“People sometimes assume that since I am a fashion designer, I live in New York City. Of course, New York has many resources in terms of the production and marketing of fashion. But when you really focus on what the elements of fashion design are, you realize that they are not exclusive to New York City.

In accomplishing my goal of creating a North Carolina-based collection, I was amazed by the abundance of creative talent, North Carolina’s collaborative arts community and great educational resources, and outstanding production resources, including fabric mills and garment manufacturers. This truly was a journey of rediscovery of my home state.”


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