The United Nations Millennium Campaign:
Humans of MY World

Humans of MY World

Photo by William Moore

Sharing the images and stories behind the United Nations Millennium Campaign

Humans of MY World is a photo-narrative project that highlights personal stories from participants in the MY World Global Survey.  Photographer William Moore, a Raleigh native, and Saige Martin traveled to 15 countries across 5 continents to photograph and interview people on the street about the experiences and philosophies that have shaped them most. MY World is the largest survey in history. There are sixteen millennium goals. The survey aggregates data from more than five million people who have voted for the issues they most want to see on the global agenda–better healthcare, a good education, better job opportunities, etc. 

The survey was the first time most people had ever been asked how to solve the problems in their communities, or what they hoped the future would hold. The photographs connect storytelling and statistics, big data calculation and individual wisdom, revealing the impact art can have on global development. The exhibition combines street photography, demographic information and interview texts. The exhibition will be on view through January 10.

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