Sarah Fox

Hello CAM Raleigh readers! My name is Sarah Fox, and I was a Program Intern at CAM Raleigh for the Spring 2013 semester. My background is in architectural design as I am a current 5th year architecture student at the NCSU College of Design. This internship gave me the opportunity to explore museum life as well as the opportunity to better understand the role of an educator in the arts. 

During my time at CAM, I was lucky enough to participate in weekend workshops, First Fridays, and Family Sundays. Each of these activities involve introducing the community to various art and design projects. The weekend workshops are generally for middle and high school students but several are also open to adults. These workshops concentrate on a certain skill or idea such as urban drawing or photoshop work. First Fridays incorporate an activity that relates to the current exhibitions. This way, museum patrons can interact with the artwork in a capacity for making rather than just viewing. For Family Sundays, the museum opens the classroom for families to enjoy a making a simple project together. 

One of my favorite weekend workshops was the Alistair McClymont tornado making artist workshop. High School and Middle School aged children gathered in teams to make a tornado. This was made with a cardboard box structure with side vents, dry ice, and a fan to suck the dry ice vapor through the top of the box. Everyone had a fantastic time and Alistair was on hand to teach this technique to the kids. Alistair had a much larger version of the tornado on exhibit in the museum, sans dry ice. This video shows one of the final, spinning products!

As in intern, I am tasked with planning one of the First Friday Creation Station projects. I chose to relate my project to Ryan Travis Christian’s exhibition in the lower gallery. Ryan’s work is inspired by 1930’s cartoons and pop art. It is full of bold radial lines and personified characters. Drawing from these themes, I decided to present black and white decorated glasses as the activity for the Creation Station. The glasses frames were provided, and the museum patrons could make a pattern on the lenses that evoked the spirit of Ryan Travis Christian’s work. This event was wildly fun as everyone wore their glasses around the museum to look at the art. 

My first Family Sunday was in the month of February. As a result, it was Valentine’s Day themed! We made “love bugs;” little creatures made from construction paper heart shapes. Children and parents alike had a great time gluing on googly eyes to their precious creatures.

This is only a small survey of the wonderful programs I took part in creating during my time at CAM Raleigh. I learned so much about planning crafts for people of all ages and techniques to connect the museum-goers with the art in a more three dimensional way. Working with the fantastic staff and patrons here at the museum has been one of my most rewarding and fun experiences. I hope to be involved with CAM for a long time to come. 

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