Branding A Community: A Graphic Design Workshop

Branding A Community: A Graphic Design Workshop
April 13, 2013 / 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. / $50

with instructors Matthew Muñoz (Partner & Chief Design Officer at New Kind) and Amber Howard, Ph.D. (Director of Research & Education at New Kind; Lecturer, NC State University, College of Design)
Open to high school students, grades 9-12

Communities are the most powerful force for ideas and action.They grow through conversation, a passionate purpose, and partnership. In this workshop, students will learn how to use design thinking, branding, and experience design to spark communities and movements that define the world.

Participants will get a chance to work with stakeholders, develop a brand purpose, create content, and develop a brand position package for a community in which they belong. This workshop is wonderful for students interested in graphic design, and will help students better understand how the power of good design can bring people together and strengthen a community. 

Matthew Munoz (Partner & Chief Design Officer at New Kind)
Matt Muñoz is a nationally award winning designer specializing in forming visual identities, storytelling, strategy-building, and making information understandable. He has mapped complex customer interactions and business processes for open source technology leader Red Hat, and built design policy matrices for the U.S. National Design Policy Initiative. He holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from East Carolina University, a master’s degree in graphic design from North Carolina State University and has held design roles at IBM, Capstrat and Work Worth Doing, as well as his own consultancy, Design Heals. He is the former President of AIGA Raleigh chapter.

Amber Howard, Ph.D. (Director of Research & Education at New Kind; Lecturer, NC State University, College of Design)
Whether researching, organizing, teaching, or designing, Amber Howard, Ph.D. develops strategies that not only guide transformation, but also serve greater social outcomes. To date, her work spans healthcare, sustainability, education, collaboration, and community development. She teaches at NC State College of Design, co-founded a Research Foundation, and has been recognized for her design and research internationally.

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