Jeanna Interns at CAM!

Hey! I am Jeanna Young and I was an Art Education intern for my Fall 2012 semester. I feel so lucky to have been able to get a behind the scenes look at the workings of CAM! In the education department there is never a dull moment and Nicole or Julia always had a plan that they wanted me to help put into action. It was really cool to get to watch the brainstorming process of professional museums workers. It was as if each art workshop was a piece of art in itself complete with a unique process.

My first art workshop that I assisted with was Urban Drawing taught by Scott Renk. During this workshop students learned the basics of field drawing in the urban atmosphere. Scott brought a variety of tools for the students to sketch with including an awesome fountain pen that the students took turns using. We started off by the Amtrak station, which was more rural with a field, barbed fence, and the Raleigh skyline ahead. Then, we moved into the city moving on every few minutes that that the students could get multiple vantage points of the city. This workshop opened my eyes to the beauty of downtown Raleigh. Through drawing my surroundings I was forced to notice my city of Raleigh on a more intimate level and was able to fall in love a little more with the city in which I live.

I especially enjoyed helping out with the First Friday creation station because of the wide group of people that it attracted. The beauty of the creation station activity is that it is made so all ages can enjoy it. Grandparents can get just as much satisfaction out of the activity as their elementary aged grandchildren. The creation station is very inviting and gives museum goers the ability to not only appreciate art but put their creative juices to work! The October First Friday used magazine collage to combine text with image. Using the materials provided participants were able to create mini cartoon sequences, political statements based on the upcoming election, and a wide variety of unique collage pieces of art!

As part of our internship Katie and I were given the opportunity lead a First Firday Creation Station. Katie headed the September Frist Friday which was based off of the exhibition “Girl Talk.” Participants created interesting visual and social statements from stenciled and cut out letters of different size, font, boldness and color.
I was assigned the December First Friday. Brainstorming for the event started about a month ahead of time. After coming up with a few ideas that might work I layed out a lesson plan for each idea, with an outline including the designated age group, the project steps, and materials needed with a rough estimate of the budget. With help form Nicole and Juila I was able to create a final lesson plan for the event! The project uses potato stamps and recycled t-shirts to create fun wearable pieces of art. The project is inspired by the renowned artist’s, Angel Otero’s, exhibition. Angel reconstructs dried paint skins on a canvas to create beautiful compositions. He process is about exploration of ones materials as much as it is the final product.
I was impressed by the creative accessories and garments that were created!

December Family Sunday was a highlight of my experience at CAM. The Triangle Ballet performed beautiful pieces from the Nut Cracker and put everyone in the Holiday spirit. Up in the crafts center children were able to make their own snow globes from gumdrops, peppermint pieces, and “fake snow.” At the other workstation children created their own holiday finger puppets made from coin wrappers and a vast array of googely eyes, mini fuzzies, pipe cleaners, and colored paper.

Interning at CAM has been an amazing experience. It was so much fun to work in an environment that encourages creativity in the workplace CAM has made me realize that it is possible to go into the “real world” and still do what you love. I look forward to helping out with future CAM events!

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