My Experience as a Program Intern!

           Hey everyone!!! My name is Katie Scheuerle and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Design Studies at NC State’s College of Design. For the fall semester of my sophomore year, I had the opportunity to be an Education Program Intern at CAM Raleigh. This internship has allowed me to meet a bunch of incredible people and participate and assist in many of the wonderful programs hosted at CAM Raleigh, such as Family Sundays, First Fridays, and the 2012 Presidential Election Party.

           Family Sunday was one of my first big programs at CAM and one of my favorites. It allows families in the community to come interact with the exhibitions at CAM and participate in a variety of fun hands-on activities. I was able to experience a Halloween themed Family Sunday called Monster Mash-Up, where the children and their parents would dress up early in their Halloween costumes (I was a mouse). During this program I setup materials so that each child and parent could make a monster mask and ghost to take home with them! It was entertaining to make crafts with the kids and it was neat to see how differently and creatively children view the exhibitions.

           Family Sunday
           Over my internship, I was able to be a part of two First Fridays (November and December). First Friday is an event that happens once a month around the Raleigh area and showcases many Art Museums and Galleries to the public. Each First Friday, CAM puts on a variety of programs for the public to view and participate in. The November First Friday included a DJ, food trucks, student docents, and the Wear Your Words Creation Station put on by yours truly! The Creation Station acts as a place for visitors to stop by and create a craft to take home with them that is inspired by one of our exhibitions at CAM. I chose to include the work of Kim Rugg and Maya Schindler from the exhibition Girl Talk as the basis for November’s Creation Station. Each guest had the opportunity to make a wearable pin that was made up of a word/words that created a message or statement for the rest of the people to see. The pins not only provoked thought, but created a sense of unity and expressiveness. We used newspaper clippings and stencils to create an impact with the different words and phrases on the pins. The December First Friday was inspired by Angel Otero and involved potato stamping fabrics to create wearable pieces of art. This creation station was very expressive and fun for the guests to be able to uses lots of bright colors. Overall First Fridays were one of my favorite parts of working at CAM, because it was an event that brought the public together and created awareness of the arts.

November First FridayFirst Friday
          Towards the end of my experience, CAM hosted an Election Party for the 2012 Presidential Election. This was an event that I was eager to help with, because I thought that the environment of people in the Jonathan Horowitz exhibit would be very exciting to experience while the results of the election were being released. For the Election Party, I assisted with the set up and greeted guests as they walked in the door! The ability to see the different political opinions and the comparison between the opposing parties news stations was an interesting way to welcome in the results and the new president of the United States. It was an opportunity that comes only once every four years and I’m glad I was able to spend this experience at CAM.

Over the course of my semester at CAM, I was able to meet and work with a group of inspiring people. This internship taught me that it’s not only important to put on an enjoyable program for others but also to be able to appreciate it and gain knowledge from the experience. By working at programs with designers of all ages, I have begun to see how different everyone’s thinking and creative process’s are. Through my experiences here I have been able to cherish that the art created by four year old child is just as beautiful and unique as the art created by an eighty year old. Everyone designs and creates differently and I hope to spend more time at CAM in the future collaborating with other designers

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