Sideshow Spectacular by David Eichenberger

Local artist David Eichenberger lends his talent to this year’s Fright at the Museum event theme, Sideshow Spectacular, with a series of 6 drawings depicting the magical and quirky tale of a traveling carnival crew.

Catch a glimpse of these drawings around town on Fright at the Museum materials and also here, as we post the whimsical illustrations on our blog. Designed as a series, we begin with the first drawing and the start of the tale as told by the artist himself…

The carnival’s magician has no real power; the only thing he’s ever been really good at is stealing and spinning wild tales. So when he pick-pocketed the old gypsy’s magic wand in the last town, he knew he had something special at last. With his new power he set his eyes on the one thing he has always wanted: the brave daredevil’s girl–the bearded lady. A desire not born of love… but of lust.

Stay tuned for more installments of our dramatic tale.  And don’t forget to get your own creepy carnival on at our October 27 Fright at the Museum fundraiser bash. Tickets on sale now at

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