Meet an Instructor: Cayce Lee

Meet Cayce Lee, who will be teaching the Learn to Crochet workshop on Saturday, May 5th. She is Raleigh-based artist and designer, and will be graduating from the Masters of Art + Design program at NC State University College of Design in May. Cayce taught the appliqué and reverse appliqué workshop at CAM in December, and will be teaching the Art to Wear studio (for high school) and the Middle School Art + Design Studio this summer.

Check out the Learn to Crochet workshop details and registration form here. This workshop is open to ages 14 and up, including 8th graders, high school students, college students, and other adults. 

What do you do? I am a sculptor/installation artist focusing on fiber techniques with non-traditional materials, including metal, plastic, and glass. I primarily use crochet, knitting, and stitching to connect disparate objects that cannot be combined using traditional methods of joining like welding or glueing.

How did you get to where you are today (in three sentences or less)? I began my career in art education by working at art non-profits, then in the public school system, which led to teaching in the Art and Design department at NC State on a graduate teaching assistantship. My personal artistic practice began in Winston-Salem, then I moved to Raleigh in 2009 for graduate school, which has opened my work up to more of a focus on material exploration and collaboration with other artists. Having finished my graduate program, I am looking forward to new opportunities for exhibiting my work and sharing my love of making art with others.

Why are you teaching this workshop? Of all of the fiber techniques I have learned, crochet is undoubtedly my favorite. It is easy to learn, requires a simple and inexpensive tool, and can be applied to any linear material. You can be very improvisational with crochet, inventing your own patterns and structures, or very precise to create intricate designs.

What can participants expect to do, learn, or make in your workshop? We will be making a radial rosette which incorporates all of the basic crochet stitches.

What’s your favorite material? My favorite material to crochet with right now is floral wire because it is flexible enough to manipulate easily, but maintains its form without needing to be stretched.

Favorite color or color palette? Rust is my favorite hue at the moment.

Best thing you’ve ever made? Having just finished my first installation for my graduate thesis, that project is at the top of the list, but then again, I usually say that about whatever piece I’ve just finished making.

Favorite place? Sitting in the sun on my front porch making something new.

Favorite designer (and why)? My favorite design group is Demakersvan, a trio of Dutch designers who had their Lace Fence on display at CAM Raleigh’s Deep Surface exhibit. They transform everyday materials in our familiar environment into extraordinary objects that are enchanting.

Favorite artist (and why)? My favorite artist is Cal Lane, a Canadian sculptor who uses an oxy acetylene torch to create lace patterns in rusted found objects. Like Demakersvan, Lane also transforms the everyday into the extraordinary.

Most important thing to remember when desiging/making? Stay loose and try not to be too perfectionistic—making is about getting into a flow, and being overly concerned with little mistakes makes it difficult to get into a good rhythm.

Favorite object or tool (and why)? A crochet hook—it’s a super simple device, you can take it anywhere, and you don’t have to be very precise to make something amazing with it.

Anything else we should know? You can check out images of my work on my website: Also, I’m a member of the Common Seam Collective, a group of fiber artists that was founded here in Raleigh:

Want to take the workshop? Get the registration form here.

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