AniMANIA! Middle School Stop Motion

On St. Patrick’s day, a group of motivated middle school students spent their Saturday at the Museum, learning the basics of Stop Motion Animation. Led by Hal Meeks, an artist, designer, and digital consultant at NC State University, the workshop started with a high energy group animation. The kids jumped no less than 15 times in unison, then scooted around the room as if driving race cars! All while the workshop’s teaching assistant, Vallyn Murphy, photographed the scene.

Hal and Vallyn then compiled the images into a short stop-motion film, demonstrating the process that each student would then use to make their own films. Hal did a short screening to present different types of stop motion animations, and then the kids got to work. They started with quick storyboards, to map out their ideas. 

The kids divided into pairs, so that each student worked with a production buddy. They assist the filmmaker with the camera, prop-building, lighting and more, to efficiently make a short movie. Once their film is completed, using iStop Motion and webcams, whiteboards and an assortment of colorful objects, the students switched roles, so the production assistant becomes the filmmaker, and vice versa.

The results, all completed in about an hour and a half of working time, are nothing short of amazing: check out the films and photos from the day, on our Flickr page. 

Interested in other opportunities for middle school students? Check out our Middle School Summer Studio. We have a few spaces left! More information, including the registration form, available here.

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