Meet an Instructor: Paul Hobgood

Paul Hobgood will be team-teaching the upcoming Architecture Skills workshop with Rebecca Necessary. Participants will learn some of the tricks of the trade, and best methods for drawing and building models. Paul works as a design architect at Kenneth Hobgood, Architects. He is also a graduate of NC State University College of Design, where he received a Masters of Architecture. 

Get the workshop details, and download the registration form here. Want to learn about Rebecca? Read her responses here. 

What do you do?
I’m an architect.

How did you get to where you are today (in three sentences or less)?
Took a circuitous route. I tried a variety of careers but Architecture/Design was always in my blood. My father and brother are both Architects-I guess it was inevitable.

Why are you teaching this workshop?
It’s really gratifying to see young people respond to design and the creative process. Growing up I was always intimated by the profession-I assumed you needed to be a mathematician to be an architect. I think a lot of people have creative potential, they just don’t realize it.

What can participants expect to do, learn, or make in your workshop?
See Rebecca’s response.

What’s your favorite material?

Favorite color or color palette?
Greys and greens.

Best thing you’ve ever made?
Mega Shutter for a friends storefront in Brooklyn.

Favorite place?
The coast of NC.

Favorite designer (and why)?
Maarten Van Severen—because he boiled everything down to its essence. There were never any wasted moves—nothing gratuitous.

Favorite artist (and why)?
Damien Hirst. There is definitely an architectural quality to a lot of his work-but I’m fascinated with the way he takes inanimate objects and presents them in a new light. He’s conceptual while being both clinical and scientific in his approach.

Most important thing to remember when designing/making?
To be patient.

Favorite object or tool (and why)?
Japanese saws. They are beautiful and functional.

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