Meet an Instructor: Katherine Diuguid

Katherine Diguid is teaching the third workshop in our textile skill-building workshop series: Introduction to Embroidery. She also taught the “Learn to Knit” which was held in February. Workshop registration is currently open for this class, more information is available here.  

Katherine Diuguid is an artist/designer and teacher. She recently graduated with her Master of Art and Design from NC State University concentrating in Fibers and Textiles. She also earned a Bachelor of Industrial Design from North Carolina State University and an Associate of Applied Science in Fashion Design from Parsons in New York. She currently teaches in the Department of Art + Design at NC State University. She continues her exploration of hand dressmaking and metal thread hand embroidery history and technique as well as learning new embroidery techniques. 

What do you do?
I specialize in hand embroidery and hand dressmaking.

How did you get to where you are today (in three sentences or less)?
I love learning and have tried to continue my research and craft of hand embroidery and dressmaking.

Why are you teaching this workshop?
I love stitching and I love stitching with others and seeing the amazing way they use stitches to express themselves.

What can participants expect to do, learn, or make in your workshop?
In the Intro to Embroidery workshop, participants will learn the basic embroidery stitches to use to create their own design.

What’s your favorite material?
Either metal threads or silk.

Favorite color or color palette?
My favorite color is green, all shades of green! My favorite color palette is either white + ivory or a Rococo pastel palette.

Best thing you’ve ever made?
My favorite thing I’ve ever made is my wedding dress. The “best” thing I’ve ever made is the gown for my Master’s final project.

Favorite place?
Greenwood Lake, NJ. It is the most amazing and peaceful place I have ever been.

Favorite designer (and why)?
Alexander McQueen and Jeanne Lanvin. Both designers exemplify the mastery of the craft of garment making and utilize embellishment in beautiful ways.

Most important thing to remember when desiging/making?
You always have to remember that the process of making and designing a piece is a conversation between you and your materials- what will they do? what do they want to do? what can you force them to do? do you want to force your materials or work with their natural characteristics?

Favorite object or tool (and why)?
My dog Jenson! He’s such a sweet puppy! He lays right next to me when I stitch or sits on his chair and looks out the window in my studio when I’m working.

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