Installing and deinstalling: My semester as an Exhibitions Intern

A blog post, huh? Well, I’m Ross, one of the two Exhibition interns working under Kate Shafer this semester. Throughout my internship with CAM I have done and learned a variety of different things, from package design for the pop-up store to art installation and deinstallation. Within minutes of walking in the door on my first day, I was put to work on the installation of Deep Surface. It was exciting to be able to learn the what goes into installing and maintaining an exhibition. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I helped deinstall Rebecca Ward: Thickly Sliced. It was a weeks worth of tearing tape off of walls and another week of sanding and painting, a long and tiring process, but still a cool process to have learned

Also this semester I learned how to use the 3D modeling program Google Sketchup and created a model of CAM for use in planning exhibitions. It was a project that lasted throughout the semester and it was cool to go through the museum, measuring everything, and seeing it slowly come together and resemble the space. It has proved it’s usefulness even before it was finished, in the planning in the upcoming exhibition, Born Digital.

My time at CAM has been an extremely cool and valuable experience and the people around me have been great to work with. I really look forward to coming back in January to help install Born Digital in January.

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