Picture Yourself Inside the Inflatable

There is something so fun and magical about our inflated sculpture by Dan Steinhilber.  It draws a smile from everyone young and old.  People will sit down inside it, let the breeze blow through the peep hole, feel the whoosh of air through the fridge door, and sometimes just sprawl out on its floor.  We’ve had visitors hang out in the piece for nearly a half hour, just enjoying their surroundings or watching others’ expressions of delight as they enter for the first time.  

Our gallery attendants have noticed that visitors sure like to take pictures of themselves and their family/friends while inside the sculpture.  The light is fantastic, and the background unlike any other.  A young woman who recently visited said “This must be what the inside of Pollock’s and Warhol’s minds look like”. 

Our gallery attendant, Carl, had the great idea to launch a flickr group to capture photos that our visitors have taken inside of the Dan Steinhilber inflated sculpture. So that’s what we did!   

CAM Raleigh flickr group: Inside the Inflatable

We will choose visitor photos periodically through the end of the exhibition to feature on our blog.  Join our group today and show us your picture Inside the Inflatable.  

If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, Dan Steinhilber’s exhibition, “Hold On, Loosely”, will be up through August 22.  Come by and experience the magic before it goes away. 

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