A Story of Firsts

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This fourteen minute podcast, recorded and produced by Kelly Reid with music by James Dodgen, is an introduction to CAM Raleigh. Deftly culled from many hours of tape and many interviews, Kelly has woven together the voices of the artists, staff, board members, and student docents into an audio portrait of our museum.

It is a story of firsts: the first installation in a new space, a young artist’s first solo exhibition, and the very act of opening a museum’s doors for the first time.

Here’s what Kelly has to say about the experience:

I will openly admit that I have a crush on downtown Raleigh. The skyline, the warehouses, the railroad tracks, the people, the new and the old construction, the beer and the food– I love it all. So when I was asked by CAM Raleigh to produce a podcast for the opening of the museum I knew my crush was going to get a little more serious, and it did. The building at 409 West Martin Street is beautiful and being able to spend time there before the museum opened was truly amazing. It gave me a special viewpoint for the story. Capturing a story and bringing it to the listener is a craft that takes me down a different road every time but within each story the goal remains same–to create a moment, an experience. James Dodgen and I worked closely together to best capture and frame the excitement behind the opening of the museum but I realized something when I was wrapping up the story…CAM Raleigh is about the experience. It’s about walking in the doors and opening your mind, eyes, and ears. This is a snippet of the story and momentum behind the museum, but to fully understand who CAM Raleigh is, you have to experience for yourself.

We hope put together more stories as we grow as a museum. Listen and enjoy!

Voices: Kelly Reid, Frank Thompson (Board Member), Rosemary Wyche (Director of Development/Communications), Kate Shafer (Gallery and Exhibitions Manager), Dan Steinhilber (Artist), Naoko Ito (Artist), Nicole Welch (Curator of Education), Thomas (Student Docent), Sarah Blackmon (Camps + Workshops Coordinator), Miles Holst (Board Member)

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