The CAM Raleigh Docents Have Entered the Building…

On Wednesday March 2nd, our first group of student docents from Moore Square Museums Magnet Middle School entered the new CAM Raleigh building for the first time. Look how excited they are! I had just informed them that they were the first school group to ever enter the new building. There was quite a bit of hootin’ and hollerin’ and oooooohs and awwwwwwws when we first walked in.

image of 12 student docents

We spent this first training session discussing museums. We shared the kinds of museum experiences we have had before, both good and bad. And we talked quite a bit about what kinds of experiences we would like for visitors to have at CAM Raleigh.  We also discussed what the students thought made CAM Raleigh different from other museums and spent some time talking about the word “contemporary”. What does it mean? What are some other ways of defining “contemporary” that are easier for people to understand?

We then went on to look at samples of artwork from the artists who will be part of CAM Raleigh’s opening exhibitions. More about that later…. Some things are still top secret.

For more info on CAM Raleigh’s Student Docent Program:


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