CAM/now: Engaged with the community, art, and design

Many people are just getting introduced to CAM Raleigh for the first time, but a dedicated group of young professionals has been working under the banner of CAM/now for years to help make the new museum a reality. At CAM/now we aspire to be a hub of learning, education, and camaraderie in Raleigh for people interested in contemporary art and design.

“All of our members seem to have a willingness to jump in and support different ideas to make the group and museum better,” Nicole Welch, one of the founding members of CAM/now and Curator of Education for CAM Raleigh, said.

We’ve held events like the Triangle Arts Mixer at Golden Belt, screened short films at Duke Gardens and held social mixers at local restaurants like Market. Beyond networking and of course fun, CAM/now has been and will continue to be about engaging the community and making the case for why contemporary art and design should be an important part in people’s lives.

We hope our members will become long-time supporters of the museum, sustaining CAM Raleigh’s programs with time, talent, and other contributions. When you visit the museum to see the inaugural exhibitions, you’ll see some of our work—members volunteered to help with installation.

The dream of CAM Raleigh began in 1983 with the City Gallery of Contemporary Art located in City Market. There were many enthusiastic and dedicated people who helped turn the City Gallery into what we now know as CAM Raleigh. Although the City Gallery is no more, its memory and ambition live on in the museum’s board members and volunteers like those that make up CAM/now.

With the museum opening April 30, you can look forward to being part of an outstanding new addition to the local arts scene and the reviving warehouse district.

“We want to pioneer the hood and bring more businesses to Raleigh’s warehouse district,” Nicole said.

If you’re interested in CAM/now, come see what we’re all about when we host the Grand Opening Celebration After Party April 29, and get a sneak preview of the museum before it opens to the public the following day.

Tickets are available at

Stay tuned to for more information about how to get involved with the new and improved CAM/now and museum membership in the coming weeks.

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