An intern’s view

Hi all! I’m Jenn, one of CAM Raleigh’s exhibition interns, and I thought I would show off a little of the behind-the-scenes work we’ve been doing in preparation for the museum opening.

Hopefully many of you have already seen the huge paper sign that now covers the Martin St. gallery windows. What you probably don’t know is what a massive undertaking it was to hang this thing! The sign arrived as about 20 separate strips of printer paper like this…

… that had to be measured and cropped by hand with X-acto knives, aligned, and taped up to the windows. After hours of cutting on the floor and wrangling all that rowdy tape and paper into submission, it looks amazing. It took me, another volunteer, and the fabulous people from New Kind a full day to complete, but it was up in time for the First Friday passers-by.


Other preparations are currently top-secret, but if you want a hint, go take a looks through the peep-hole cut-outs in the sign. It’s pretty exciting!

Next up this week: PACKING.

billion-pound boxes

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