2018 is the year of the BEES and the BEAS!

Public Art for Pollinators + People
brought to you by the BEAS

The Betty Eichenberger Adams Society (BEAS) is excited to announce our first public project, Public Art for Pollinators + People! Our goal is to create contemporary art that supports bee habitats in public spaces.

It's our moment to take a stand.
Art matters. Pollinators matter.
Together we can make a difference.
In 2018, our efforts are to secure the sites, artists, and funding to create this amazing moment in art history.

Through this initiative led by the BEAS, we seek to engage our community in contemporary art supported in natural environments. Each installation will host not only art from an accomplished artist in our state (selected by CAM’s own Exhibitions Director Eric Gaard), but will contain a state of the art bee hive, that meets specifications from Apiopolis. Apiopolis is Raleigh’s own pollinator habitat organization supporting sustainable conservation, collaboration and community throughout the Triangle area. We will also look to both corporations and individuals to sponsor and participate in these installations.

If you would like to support art, our parks and our environment, join the BEAS or donate to the Public Art for Pollinators + People initiative using the blue button above or by contacting Jordan Barratt at jordan.barratt@camraleigh.org or 919.261.5922.


Betty Eichenberger Adams is an extraordinary example of a visionary who embraced contemporary art wholeheartedly. She served on the board at CAM Raleigh for many years and as a bold arts advocate in North Carolina. The society honors her legacy as an artist, arts educator, and community leader. The Betty Eichenberger Adams Society (BEAS) is CAM’s women-only membership group with the mission to generate, educate, and promote interest in contemporary art in Raleigh and beyond. The BEAS seek to establish and maintain a base of support for CAM, becoming pillars of strength for CAM now, and for future generations.

Charman speaking to members of the BEAS
Members of The Betty Eichenberger Adams Society


Abby Ross Elizabeth Hipps Kristin Reiter Nancy Benninger*
Allison Carroll Elizabeth Nguyen Kristin Replogle Nancy Brenneman
Allison McFadden Elizabeth Robinson* Krystin Knox Natalie Chanin
Andrea Fox Ellen Harris Laura Bayzle Nell Fortune-Greeley
Andrea Hoyt* Ellizabeth Purrington Laura Ridgeway Nicole Smith
Andrea Marcos Emily Hodges Lauren Harry Ryan Norma J. Adams
Ann Marie Baum Emily Stafford Laurie Barton Olivia Holding
Anna Ball Hodge Emily Walser Lavanya Nagaraj Pamela Howard
Anna Churchill Gab Smith Lea D. Winter Parlor Blow Dry Bar
Anna Romano Gail Perry Leah Davis Precious Lovell
Anna Tregurtha Gesche Wüerfel Leah Goodnight Tyler* Rebecca Welles
Anne Faircloth Gloria Becker Lee Turner Reem Utterback
Asha Agarwal Greer Lysaght Lekita Essa Rhonda Roberts
Ashley Christensen Harriet Mills Libby Buck Rory Parnell
Ashley Holmes Heather LaGarde Linda Ballard Grew Rosemary York
Ashley Techet Heather Thompson Linda Leithe Rosemary York
Ashley Vermillion Webb Helen Crouse Linda Noble Roxanne Lundy
Avery Sloan Knight Hope Avery Linda Rozet Sallie Glover
Awamary Khan Hope Holding Bryant Linda Satterfield Sandra Higgins
Barbara Herring Hopie Avery Lisa Capetanos Sandra Simpson
Barbara Wiedemann Iren Hianik Lisa Cooper Sara May
Bekah Haslett Jaclyn Bowie Lisa Grele Barrie Sarah Poole
Beth Tyner Jones Jane Doggett Lisa Kadis Sarah Yarborough*
Betsy Levitas Janet Floyd Lisa Sandman Shannon Wolf
Betsy Ludwig Janine Steel Lisa Sandman Sharon Crawford
Betty Zucker Jeanie Holmes Lisa Yarborough Shelley Smith
Blanche Bacon Jeanny J. Sandoval Liza Roberts Sheri Erhart
Bonnie Medinger Jennifer Barwick Liza Williams Sheri Hagerty
Brenda Gibson Jennifer MacDonald Lizzie McNairy Siobhan Millen
Cailin Williams Jennifer Noble Kelly Lori O'Keefe Stacey Kirby
Caren Glenn Jesma Reynolds* Lucy Bode Starr Sink Ratto
Carole Marcotte Jessica Capps Lucy Daniels Stefanie Khan
Carole Wilson Jessica Crawford Lucy Inman Su Shearin*
Carrie Frater Jill Diaz Lynda Bryson Sue Ervin
Carrie Hicks Jillian Clark Manal El-Ramly Susan Bolick
Carrington Jackson Joan Ellen Deck Margaret Bratton Susan Singer*
Carroll Clancy Joanne McKenna Margaret Barnett Susan Woodson
Carson Holding Brice Joanne Nelson Marion J. Church Suzanne Golden
Catharine Arrowood Josie Reeves Marjorie Hodges Suzanne Whitmeyer
Catherine Williams Joy Sloan* Martha Krick Derbyshire Suzie Koonce
Cathy Ward Joyce Fitzpatrick* Martha Michaels Sydney Steen
CC Parker Joyce Kohn Martha Schneider* Tama Coleman
Charman Driver* Julia Brown Martine Gutierrez Tamar Harris Warren
Chelsea Jones Julia Rice Marty Hayes Tammy Cook
Chris Soldin Julie Meigs, PhD. Mary Anne Howard Taylor White
Christie Haymond Julie Morris Mary Beth Paulson The Hon. Nancy McFarlane
Christina Floyd Myers Julie Paul* Mary Laurie CeCe Traci Cortez
Cindy Malecha Kate Boes Mary Miller Traci Lorraine Farmer
Cindy Spuria Katherine Connell Mary Patterson Trish Healy
Claire Ashby Katherine Hogan Mary-Ann Baldwin Tula Summerford
Claire Bristow Katherine Pretzer Melanie Regner* Valerie Cozart
Cole Baker Bagwell Kay Jordan Melissa Peden Vanvisa Nolintha
Debbie Carrara Kelly Branson Melissa Roth Vicki Fritsch
Debbie Hammersla* Kelly McChesney Meredith Nelson* Virginia Parker
Debbie Robbins Kelsey Melville Michelle Cowell Vivienne Benesch
Donna Glasbrook Kendra Leonard Michelle Hooper Wyndham Wood
Edythe Poyner Kim Duffley Millicent Mooring  
Ele Roberts Kim Elenez* Mollie Earls  
Elisabeth Galecke Kim Von Weihe Molly Mahoney  
Elisabeth McGowan* Kristen Monahan Molly Painter *denotes CAM Board Member

Photo Credits:
Top: Photo courtesy David Eichenberger
Bottom: Photo courtesy Jillian Clark