First Friday @ CAM Raleigh

By admincam1 | May 2, 2011

Come by CAM Raleigh on First Friday and check out our inaugural exhibitions featuring Dan Steinhilber and Naoko Ito, participate in hands-on activities in the classroom and interact with our fabulous Student Docents!

Admission is FREE from 6:30- 9:00 p.m.

Listen before you look

By admincam1 | April 22, 2011

Here’s a quick preview of a podcast produced by Kelly Reid and James Dodgen.
[gplayer href="" ] CAM Raleigh Preview Podcast[/gplayer]Right-click here to download entire clip.

It’s just a slice of the CAM Raleigh story and our inaugural exhibition. Recorded while the artworks were being created and installed in the museum, many voices come together to illustrate the transformation of a former produce warehouse into a home for contemporary art and design.

The podcast features a variety of speakers including participants in our Middle School Docent Program, museum staff, interns, board members, and of course–the artists themselves.

Stay tuned for the first full-length podcast, arriving hot-off-the-press next week!

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The CAM Raleigh Docents Have Entered the Building…

By CAM Raleigh | March 11, 2011

On Wednesday March 2nd, our first group of student docents from Moore Square Museums Magnet Middle School entered the new CAM Raleigh building for the first time. Look how excited they are! I had just informed them that they were the first school group to ever enter the new building. There was quite a bit of hootin’ and hollerin’ and oooooohs and awwwwwwws when we first walked in.

image of 12 student docents

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