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When middle school docents walk through the yellow door at CAM Raleigh, they enter with all of the anxieties that come with being an "almost" teenager: fitting in, making friends, peer pressure, grades.

As CAM docents, they discover a confidence in our program that makes them FEARLESS.

Your donation supports this and more. Did you know each year CAM connects with:

  • 100 students living with physical and intellectual disabilities through our Tactile Touch Tours
  • 130 5th-8th graders in the CAM Middle School Docent Program
  • 1,500 visitors for each First Friday who engage with CAM Middle School Docents
  • 2,840 children through the CAM to GO program at The Brentwood Boys and Girls Club, The Salvation Army, and The Alexander YMCA
  • 30,000 children, students, teachers, individuals, and family who visit CAM each year!

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Empower and strengthen the children in your community through contemporary art and design. Give them a sense of belonging. Change their future.

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Thank you for believing in CAM. Together, we are building an incredible CAMunity.