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It is opening night at CAM Raleigh’s Surveying the Terrain exhibition. I am standing in the Main Gallery with the guest curator, Dan Solomon, and his wife Mary. Matthew Jensen, an artist in the show, walks up to say hello. He has driven all day to be with us for the opening and this is the first time he is seeing his work on the museum’s walls.

As Matthew walks over to his piece The 49 States, Jordyn, one of the fifth-grade docents from Brooks Museums Magnet Elementary School (yes, I said fifth-grade), is introducing his work to a crowd that has gathered. Matthew is delighted at Jordyn’s thoughtful description of what it is, how it was made, what it means to her. He is floored (as we all are) by the confidence, enthusiasm and focus she gained from her experience at CAM Raleigh.

With the crowd still there, Mary shares with Jordyn that the man in front of her is the artist who created the work she has just described. Her smile is magic--she is in the company of a rock star! The moment is electric and everyone is beaming – including Jordyn’s mom. Jordyn’s enthusiastic explanation made the artwork relevant and meaningful to me, her family, the community and, most importantly, to herself. 

It is amazing how young people engage with artists at CAM Raleigh--not just their pictures on a wall. CAM Raleigh ignites our community, the collective us, through exhibitions, programs, workshops, concerts, experiences and happenings that bring art and culture to life and make it relevant today. I volunteer at CAM Raleigh and give my money there because I want to help keep the community we share vibrant and extraordinary.

This is your invitation to be a part of that energy and inspiration. Your support is essential to keeping CAM Raleigh bold and relevant. Come here often. Bring your friends and family. Participate. CAM Raleigh is only as good as we make it – which means it can be the best! Thank you for believing in CAM Raleigh.          

Charman Driver, Chair
CAM Raleigh Board of Directors

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images courtesy Joseph Rafferty