Wilson Times – Thomas elected chairman

By CAM Raleigh | July 7, 2011

Wilson Times (7/6/11, circulation 12,461) featured a story with the headline "Thomas elected chairman of CAM," highlighting CAM Raleigh's recent board changes.

The article highlighted Allen Thomas, Jr.'s past and future accomplishments and featured a quote by the new chairman as saying, “Under the leadership of Carson, the Museum reached its goal of opening to the public and has witnessed an exceptional period of growth. CAM Raleigh is about reflecting our culture and presenting what is new and fresh. I look forward, as Chairman, to the challenge of building upon these accomplishments, and to helping move forward with the Museum’s important mission: serving as a vital community resource by acting as a bridge between our extraordinary exhibitions and our audience.”

Subscribers to the Wilson Times can read the entire article online, others may pick up an issue before it leaves newsstands.

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Great Press on CAM Raleigh

By admincam1 | April 26, 2011

We want to thank the local press for their support of CAM Raleigh!  A few excellent articles were published this week with more to come.  Check out http://camraleigh.org/media/ for links.

“Let’s really get this town going!”

By CAM Raleigh | March 16, 2011

old and new building exteriors

City of Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker singled out CAM Raleigh as one of the many projects moving Raleigh to “world-class status.”

In his State of the City address March 15, he told a crowd:

“That facility is going to open the end of April. It’s going to be one of the finest contemporary art museums in this country, just over here on West Martin Street.”

Mayor Meeker said it’s a great example of the city and North Carolina State University “working well together to benefit our whole community.”

But he wasn’t satisfied and ended the address with a call to build on successes: “Let’s really get this town going!”

We’re right there with the Mayor. April 30 is just the beginning for CAM Raleigh.

We need your help. Starting with your ideas: What role would you like CAM Raleigh to play in your community? How are you hoping it improves your experience in downtown Raleigh?

Comment here, tweet @camraleigh, or visit us on facebook.

CAM Raleigh In The News

By CAM Raleigh | March 10, 2011

CAM Raleigh is featured in the March-April 2011 issues of both artsee and Midtown magazines.

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