CAM Summer Intern Adventures!

By gillianpaige | July 19, 2012

Hello! My name is Gillian Paige and I’ve spent my summer as the Education Program Intern here at CAM Raleigh. I’ll be a Junior in the Art + Design program in NCSU’s College of Design this fall. This summer has definitely sped by so quickly and I have had such a great time at the museum. I was able to get involved with some incredible museum programs including the Teen Art Exhibition, Summer Studios and First Fridays.

The Teen Art Exhibition was a juried art exhibition featuring local Teens from around the Triangle. The CAM Raleigh Teen Council was responsible for organizing and jurying each piece. The theme they chose was, “What is in the back right corner of your brain?” The pieces that were submitted were incredible with so many diverse interpretations of this theme. I was able to catalog each piece and helped to hang the show in the CAM Media Lab. The exhibition turned out great thanks to the Teen Council and they were all so proud of their work.

Photo Credit : Erin Havens

After the Teen Art Exhibition was taken down it was time for Summer Studios! Each week I was able to help prepare for new students coming to CAM. I received the responsibility of organizing supplies, covering tables with bright yellow paper and setting out name badges with brand new sketchbooks! The summer studios program is a great introduction to Design for Middle and High School Students. Each week we have had awesome students explore form and function to create some incredible pieces. As a fibers student I really enjoyed getting to see the Art to Wear studio in action. The Students were shown videos of the NCSU fashion show and past participants came in to present their collections. Everyone loved learning different fiber techniques and created garments out of wacky materials!

First Fridays were definitely my favorite part of being an Intern. Our June First Friday program was inspired by Jose Lerma’s exhibition The Credentialist. We covered the walls and floors with “CAM Colored” yellow paper and asked visitors to come doodle something. Over the course of the night doodles began to fill the paper and create an incredible collaborative doodle mural. For July First Friday, I took inspiration from Andy Hall’s Exhibition Form Special. I drew from themes within his exhibit to create a fun activity that all age levels could enjoy. The two themes I focused on were Form and Color interaction. I started making small samples to mimic these themes and focused on the repetition of triangles and the many different colors he used. The guests at the museum had a great time making their own creations. It was so neat getting to see everyone’s process and all the different interpretations of the project.

Interning at CAM has been such a rewarding experience. This summer I have been able to work with some truly awesome campers and guests.  I was able to watch everyone experience and interact with contemporary art and design and then express it creatively. This summer internship has taught me valuable lessons about the design process and education which I can use for my design studies and even after I graduate.   I look forward to participating in more CAM Raleigh events in the future!

My experience as a CAM Raleigh exhibitions intern

By CAM Raleigh | February 8, 2012

Hi! I’m Kendal and I worked under Kate Shafer as an Exhibitions Intern. I had some great experiences during my internship this semester. I was happy to help with the de-installment of the Rebecca Ward: Thickly Sliced exhibition and then the installment of the ID:ENTITY Self Perception + Reality exhibition. I really enjoyed being a part of the transformation of the museums space. While helping with the installment of ID:ENTITY Self Perception + Reality I learned a lot about different pieces in the exhibition from the artists which was an amazing experience.

I was introduced to WordPress when given the responsibility to update the website’s press page. From this I learned a lot about managing websites. I had a lot of fun working on the packaging design for merchandise in CAM Raleigh’s pop-up store. It was nice to be involved in this because the store was new to the museum so everyone worked together to figure out the best way to organize and maintain it.

From all these experiences I gained so much knowledge of how much work goes into each exhibition. My problem-solving skills were put hard to work with almost every task I was given. I was so grateful for this internship experience because of my interest in new and unique art forms.

Most of all I really enjoyed getting to know the staff at CAM Raleigh. Everyone who works at CAM Raleigh is incredibly awesome and I was so happy to become part of CAM Raleigh’s growing family.

Installing and deinstalling: My semester as an Exhibitions Intern

By RossDavidson | December 26, 2011

A blog post, huh? Well, I’m Ross, one of the two Exhibition interns working under Kate Shafer this semester. Throughout my internship with CAM I have done and learned a variety of different things, from package design for the pop-up store to art installation and deinstallation. Within minutes of walking in the door on my first day, I was put to work on the installation of Deep Surface. It was exciting to be able to learn the what goes into installing and maintaining an exhibition. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I helped deinstall Rebecca Ward: Thickly Sliced. It was a weeks worth of tearing tape off of walls and another week of sanding and painting, a long and tiring process, but still a cool process to have learned

Also this semester I learned how to use the 3D modeling program Google Sketchup and created a model of CAM for use in planning exhibitions. It was a project that lasted throughout the semester and it was cool to go through the museum, measuring everything, and seeing it slowly come together and resemble the space. It has proved it's usefulness even before it was finished, in the planning in the upcoming exhibition, Born Digital.

My time at CAM has been an extremely cool and valuable experience and the people around me have been great to work with. I really look forward to coming back in January to help install Born Digital in January.

My Semester with CAM!

By Anna Gonzales | December 12, 2011

 Hi! My name is Anna Gonzales and I’m the Education Intern here at CAM Raleigh. During my semester here at CAM I’ve experienced a little taste of everything a museum has to offer. I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with the new amazing teen council, helped out with open studios, and had the chance to participate in many of CAM’s big events. As a Graphic Design junior at NC State College of Design, I’ve also had the opportunity to do some in-house design for CAM creating a variety of projects and activities.

I spent a lot of my time at CAM working with and helping the Teen Council. The council meets once a week and is full of some of the most enthusiastic and creative characters around. I helped the teens with their various projects within CAM and spent a lot of time interacting and talking with them to aid them in their efforts. Since it is CAM’s first Teen Council we spent time looking at other art institutions’ teen councils and what kind of events and activities they participated in and created. I helped them bounce ideas off each other and think of the possibilities they might have overlooked. Their first big event was FANime (an anime event for teens). For this event, I helped them ideate activities that they could offer and helped out where they needed me. FANime was a great success and I think it really inspired and showed the Teen Council what kind of impact they could have with the teen community. Working with and getting to know the teens on the council has been an awesome experience.

As the Education Intern, I was able to help with most of the events CAM hosted. First Fridays, Thirds Fridays, and Family Sundays were always a opportunity to interact with museum patrons, especially the kids. We would always have a hands on activity for visitors to make and take home. For these activities I would help with set up and clean up as well as demonstrating the activity to visitors during the event (that is when I wasn’t on button duty or gallery patrol). During the December First Friday, I had the opportunity to create the hands on activity for the night. My activity was called Clip Art and consisted of using paper clips and assorted decorating materials to make paperclip bookmarks or pinned-on flare to wear. I also designed a how-to instruction sheet to aid visitors in their Clip Art creations. It was exciting to see a project that I created and planned actually happen in the museum.

CAM is such a unique place because it not only lets you see and appreciate art and design it also lets you create it. CAM is an innovative and inspiring place full of amazing people and I count myself lucky to have had the chance to be a part of it.

Design Discovery

By Sarah Stadler | August 4, 2011

I’m Sarah Stadler, the Education Program Intern at CAM Raleigh. It’s been a summer jam-packed with fun projects at the museum. As the Education Intern, I’ve had many opportunities to help with activities occurring on the CAM Raleigh grounds and the NC State campus. I helped to pull together materials for First Fridays as well as setting up the supplies and the classroom for the many summer studios that filled the museum. I also laid out the application for the brand new Teen Council that will be starting this fall. It’s been an amazing experience to be able to work in a museum environment but the learning doesn’t stop there.

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